Now is your Time to Shine


Your soul came into body to experience everything this earthly incarnation has to offer — and that, my friend, is a lot to consider. In our untold number of lifetimes, we have seen and done it all, and incredibly, there is even more unfinished business on our itinerary.

Yes, I know you have your personal bucket list. Perhaps you want to see the Grand Canyon, go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef or listen to a live London Symphony Orchestra performance before you return to Spirit. Perhaps you want to find the child you put up for adoption so long ago, or maybe you want to become enlightened but are not sure if you’ll ever get there.

Myriad distractions and fears keep all of us from doing, seeing and experiencing all that we desire, not to mention having enough money and time to get it all done.

But as we move into 2017, it feels right to turn a new direction, away from the comfortable routine and toward your Self in a way you’ve never experienced you before.

It’s time to get real.

True love affair
It begins with that love affair that may not have ever gotten off the ground: the one with yourself. We are advised to make a special effort to nourish a relationship with our partner or spouse, but when’s the last time anyone told you to spend even more quality time with your Self?

When’s the last time you looked in a mirror, deeply into your own eyes, and told yourself, “I love you?” Don’t you deserve a big bear hug from your Self? When’s the last time you wrote a love letter to you? And yes, emails to yourself will arrive unopened for you to read with fresh eyes!

When is the last time you closed your eyes and went into your heart and witnessed the incredible richness that every such visit provides if you breathe and let go, deeper and deeper, into the experience? When is the last time you shared gratitude to the intricately complex body that propels your soul through this earthly experience every day?

I am no different than you. I spend many days existing without being fully aware of all the miraculous things going on in every moment — within me. I take walks by myself and treat myself to infusions of food that I like and sounds that bring me joy, but these outer ventures are only the tip of the iceberg.

Who we are
Every human body is a multi-dimensional vessel that not only recognizes non-verbal signals from others but has the ability to communicate deeply far beyond this third dimension if we choose to make that connection. If the truth be told, we are much more than we think we are. And each one of us is much more powerful than we think we are.

So where do we begin? In the heart. It begins by expressing love for Self and extending that love to everyone and everything that makes up our world. It begins by becoming a beacon of love that no longer sees people as separate, or as enemies, for having different beliefs or skin color or even ways of expressing love than you do. It begins by seeing every person in your world as possessing an infinite soul of love. Yes, maybe they don’t know who they are yet, but you know who they are, so treat them as such.

I’m no different than you. I bellyache over politics and the direction of my nation, like others do, but it’s time to adjust course. It’s time to be love, to be a campaigner for oneness.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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