Out of the Darkness — Spirit Inspiration for Challenging Times


This article is for those who feel as if dark clouds have covered the light after the November 2016 presidential election in the United States. The election has been characterized by an unprecedented amount of negativity, mudslinging and divisiveness, and many people, both within the United States and around the world, are fearful of what the future might bring.

How do we get to a place of renewed hope?

In a Sacred Spirit Journey, a variation of a shamanic journey, I reached out to my spirit guide and asked him for advice and inspiration. This is what he said:

“See the beauty in the little things,” my spirit guide says. “See with your heart and live from the heart. Whatever the outer circumstances, always start with yourself. Find the center and stillness within, connect with your heart, for it all begins with you.

“Every step the world takes out of the darkness must be taken from within each person. Start with what you can do something about — yourself and your life. How do you interact with others?

“Nobody will ‘save the world for you,’ but as you embrace the responsibility for your life that is yours, then also know in your heart that you are divinely guided and supported at all times. There are many of us who reach out with compassion to those who need us and open their heart to us.

“Don’t leave it all to others to fix the world, and also don’t take it all upon yourself, but recognize and embrace the power that is within you. Step into that power and move forward step by step with faith and gratitude in your heart. Each day take time to go within — and in the stillness of the heart, experience the peace and see the light. The dark clouds that fill up so much of your vision now: Watch them drift away and reveal a clear bright blue sky with the most magnificent light.

“Imagine flying up in that blue sky. Feel the freedom of your flight. See the beauty above and below you. Watch the sunlight glistening on the water below. See the dolphins jumping. And, as you do, feel your heart jump with joy; feel the hope return, and with the hope, the inner strength and motivation to walk in light, to be the light, and to fill the world with your light.

“Meet others from the place of the heart and see the light that shines in them. Hold the vision of peace, not only for yourself, but for the world, especially for those who cannot see the light but seem stuck in the darkness.

“To those who are stuck in the darkness unable to see a way out: Reach out with your heart, and open your heart to the help, the love and the light that is being offered to you from others in your life and that you meet, but also from us compassionate spirit guides and from the beings in nature: the plants, trees, animals, each flower. They all hold the peace for you. They all offer you their peace and their light.

“As you go about your day, do it with an attitude of appreciation, and see how hearts open around you. Keep holding the vision and the light, and let it shine so that it can be an inspiration and a path for others to follow. Out of the darkness and into the light.”

As you read this message, I recommend that you allow it to enter your heart, where it will do the most good.

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Marianne Soucy
Marianne Soucy is the founder of HealingPetLoss.com and GiveYourDreamWings.com and host of the Healing Pet Loss Podcast. A bestselling author, coach and shamanic practitioner since 1997, Marianne connects with spirit guides and pets in the afterlife through her Sacred Spirit Journeys to obtain healing, guidance and empowerment for her clients.


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