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A new age is upon us! The 2016 presidential election surprised us all. It has clearly revealed a break between the old order and the new. Cherished standards are being challenged. Everyone wants a piece of the conversation. The energy is there, but the direction is not clear.

In these days of the shattering of the old forms and the building of the new, adaptability is needed. There is still a need within the individual to feel security in group consciousness, but the group is less defined; it has less consensus. Some would call this chaos. What does chaos bring into being? A new order.

How will that new order affect each one of us, and how are we each called to become a moving part of its formation? We are called to make this a personal journey of transformation.

Modern thinking teaches us that what we hold in consciousness matters. What we hope and pray for will manifest in some way. We must hold to a vision of order, and live in such a way as to demonstrate that it is here — now.

All the great social problems we face, from war to the greed and personal self-absorption in society, are due to the breaking of the law of love — the great call of all of the great spiritual masters. How can we live our lives at a level of love that will change the world as it is now? It will not come through the intellect alone, but in combination with the heart. It will be a transformation of spiritual consciousness.

This is not an easy path. It requires a personal commitment to be conscious of one’s everyday choices. Where does your hurt ego lead you? Is it to retaliation or to reconciliation? Do you pay attention to the needs and suffering of your neighbor? Do you love your neighbor as yourself? This world is calling for brotherhood/sisterhood.

Deep in the heart, at the level of prayer, is an ocean of love and compassion.

We are called to pray ourselves there with the help of Spirit. Life is a meditation.

My question is: As individuals and as a group, can we commit to a journey of peace, reconciliation and loving service to our needy world? Where else if not here? When, if not now?

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Rev. Sharon E. Freeman
Rev. Sharon E. Freeman, Ph.D., is an 84-year old retired minister. Contact her at [email protected].


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