Shock! Replay! Relief!

Sometimes an unwanted stress response to a traumatic (shock) experience is locked into our energy field and solidified by the accompanying brain neuron connections. This allows the response to replay itself over and over again — when it is triggered by just living life or during particular events.

Many call this stress response Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t have to be what some might call a large trauma, most notably from warfare, abuse, violence or accidents. It can be caused from smaller traumas — when something that was said or done “shocked” your system and caused a feeling of being unsafe, out of control, distrust, intense fear, helplessness, hopelessness or powerlessness.

Think of it as a “freeze frame” in your unconscious mind of a life experience. These freeze frames can be one or a combination of sights, sounds or smells that are encoded along with the memory in your electromagnetic (energy) field. While freeze frame experiences can be either positive or negative, like a memory of love or a memory of horror, the ones that can wreak havoc in your life — the ones that trigger unwanted responses — are the events that are negatively encoded.

Many people usually are unaware consciously as to why they had a certain hair-trigger response to something that was said or done, causing defensiveness, tears or intense inner feelings. But, they certainly know it’s happening — they feel it in their body, or in some cases, they just go numb.

The traumatic stress response (aka PTSD) can lead to depression, but not all depression is PTSD, or at least not how it is normally thought of. Both, of course, are stress responses. Yet, after working with hundreds of clients, the best I can describe it is “shock” — something suddenly going against everything known, imagined or wanted, whether it happened once or over a period of time. In that moment of shock, our world changed.

Depressed thoughts are usually the result of unspoken anger, which is unspoken sadness, whether it is directed at self or another. It usually encompasses self, familial or societal relationships. There was a sudden initial shock in which the person felt a loss of safety, love or approval, and it continued to be replayed throughout life. It can feel like an intense feeling of unworthiness or powerlessness.

With traumatic stress response, it seems to be tied to more life-specific event(s). Whatever was intimately traumatic for the person, big or small, the thing that matters is how the experience was encoded into the energy field. There are emotional similarities, especially with lack of control, safety and powerlessness.

In either case something is off and doesn’t feel good and it seems to show up in life by replaying over and over again. It’s not about judging what happened or the terms of severity. The only thing that is important is “how” you feel.

The good news is that the stress response can be changed. We call that relief. It won’t change what happened, but it can change how it affects a person’s life and those around them. It begins with taking back our power that was initially lost or given away. Relief is all anyone is really looking for. Just to be able to feel better again, to breathe again, to smile, to be happy.

How do you do that? I have some unconventional thoughts about this. If the event only took moments of time to register and encode (postively or negatively) in your electromagnetic field (and this applies whether it had happened once or over and over again), why would it take long to change the encoding? From my experience, it doesn’t.

So many experiences in our life are now connected to neutral feelings or they eventually become neutral. Thankfully, this is good, for we’d go crazy if we had to think about everything that ever happened in our life. We no longer think of them or are affected by them in the sense that they cause us stress.

Yet, how do you get relief from current stress responses (i.e. depression or traumatic stress) that seem to have a hold over you? We do this by working on neutralizing the negative (or unwanted) encoding in the electromagnetic energy field. That is where it all lies. Once it is neutralized and you have relief, your brain neurons will start disconnecting and re-forming new pathways and your life and your responses will be different.

Best of all it doesn’t need to be difficult or take a long time. There are many ways to do this, yet the one of the most holistic and efficient ways I have found after working with hundreds clients, is to be in the moment, address the emotions and/or feelings associated with what’s going on for a person and neutralize the associated encoding to offer relief. I use Intuitive EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping, which allows divine guidance to come in and assist in the healing process.

Some may say, “Just get over it,” but I find that’s not useful in most situations, In fact, it can be irritating and make the person feel even more powerless. I say, “Neutralize it so you can have relief.”



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