The Living One


As a mirror was crafted in front of me,
An overwhelming sensation consumes a now swollen heart.
Joy and bitterness reflect each other as yin and yang.

“The Living One” watches me with her warm inviting eyes,
While her mind and energy illuminate me — with the intensity of the sun.
It gently rocks my imagination to a burst,
And all I could do was fall into a hope.

I was hoping that it would get a little less intense,
But I still felt like someone was standing on my chest.
I knew I was still above the clouds;
Since we could have communicated without speaking,
And I was discovering that you felt what I was thinking.

Subtly making your mark on me,
I quietly pray that my eyes don’t speak too loudly.

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Lionel Fuentes
Lionel Fuentes (also goes by Lio) is a full-time student at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and he also works part time at UPS Freight as a dock worker. He enjoys writing, and his works mainly consist of poetry. He also is working to combine his love for music with his writing. Contact Lio at [email protected] or 651.855.8165.


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