A Pleiadian Message: Gratitude, Community and the Next Phase


Beloved ones, we greet you. We put out a call to each one of you to be willing to open up to the changes that are in front of you within your lives and to consciously move and align with these shifts as they take place. Know that what surrounds you in your life is the mirror creation of what is within you, so in order to instigate change within your surroundings you need to open up to a conscious adjustment of your perception.

An essential ingredient to bring about a change within this process is to investigate your deepest feelings, which have been instrumental in creating thoughts and actions and are ultimately made manifest to play out through your own arena of daily life.

A first step is the need to take responsibility for your own creation, taking full ownership of your experience. You are not a victim. You have never, in Truth, been a victim in any circumstance. You each get to choose how long you will suffer, and this suffering is directly related to your own self-judgment and the belief that you are not good enough.

An important aspect to bringing a new level of consciousness into your daily life is opening up into the process of being in a state of gratitude for all that you have created within your life at this present time. As you consciously give thanks for your experiences, an alignment naturally begins to take place within you, activating an internal energy of self-empowerment. Gratitude allows you to begin to actively channel energy into your life, and then you get to witness how you can create, alter and adjust your creation at will. An energy anchoring on the planet is designed to play a powerful role in supporting you with this self-empowered action, enabling you to accomplish changes and adjustments that you deeply desire for your self in day-to-day living.

Remember the way you can make adjustments and initiate change to your creation is by first acknowledging and accepting what you have created, what is right in front of you now. Know that you have never been a victim. Then you can begin to anchor the changes that your heart desires in your life. Witnessing and acknowledging your self as you take this step is compelling; you get to actively and consciously take back your creative power. An aspect of your power in action requires a “letting go” of any need from the ego mind to try and work out, or control how it will unfold.

The next phase
As you are being moved into this next phase of your evolution on Earth, a new design is being anchored on your planet in which you will begin to transcend the illusion that has held you in this limited perception of your self. These new revelations are going to be disclosed to you now. They are being given to those of you on your conscious path.

A doorway is opened. This is a destined revelation to return each one of you to a natural access point of an accelerated form of your Higher Self. These revelations will be accessible through the reopening of a series of energetic centers, which will reveal a deeper state of awareness of Truth to you. This process is being bestowed to you by your higher consciousness, through a destined Timeline. This is a multidimensional setting that is designed to reactivate through your systems.

You are being awakened, as if from a dream. There is nothing new, nothing unfamiliar, however there will be a strong disorientation as you are repositioned and orientated from one reality setting to another. You can expect this altered experience within you to persist as your process unfolds further.

A strong energetic influence will be supporting you to “let go” and allow everything based on illusion in your lives to fall away. This letting go is essential to your current process, so that you can move into this frequency of patterning and receive the deeply imbedded imprints of your natural spiritual heritage. Your own path is moving you. Your Higher Self has placed you in the perfect position, so know that nothing will interfere or stop this unique unfolding process of your awakening.

The sacred light
In reality, you are being called and energetically repositioned to the force of the sacred light of God within you. This call is strong and sometimes blinding. The process can be likened to a birthing, which can be intensely glorious and at the same time extremely distressing. This process can create various feelings operating simultaneously within you. Each individual feeling needs to be honored, and then let go.

Know that this process will be in layers, and understand that you will change, then you will be repositioned and then moved and changed again. These changes will be ongoing and you must let go. This call is for you to let go now like never before, and to be willing to allow your full transitional phase to open through you.

Now is your time.

This sacred time
As you move through the last energetic timeframe of this year, the frequencies of dimensional light have been designed to expand within the full network surrounding your planet. This happening will fulfill a level of the prophecy of this sacred time. At the very moment of the New Year, this dimensional light will become magnified in its brilliance, opening up a focused point of light within your planet. This light is designed to resonate with those of you who are awake, and it will infiltrate your individual heart cells, creating a pure light opening up within your own multidimensional makeup. This light will simultaneously intensify the illusion and drama on planet Earth.

At the moment of the New Year, a celebratory energy will herald in this new dimensional light, which will carry a profound sacred design of consciousness for your planet. This energetic patterning that is to be released on Earth will impact the collective “life force groups” that make up your resident Universe. This will allow your planet’s frequency to be able to complete a cycle, enabling an alignment with the collective energies within your Universe. This unique happening will anchor and weave the collective consciousness throughout your Universe, transforming your relationship within the collective Universes.

You on planet Earth are to take part in this celebration “moment.” Through a combined action within your individual communities, there will be an activation of a sacred form anchored throughout your Earth plane. There is a frequency vibration that is required to be released at the time of the New Year. This vibration is to be created by a collective Thought Code sent outwards across your planet by your individual community groups. This frequency vibration is to be created through each unique individual expression, and together it will form a sacred synergy vibration from all Collective Community groups on Earth. Remember, a Community group is made up of two or more people.

Thought Code
This Thought Code we are giving to you is to be activated through the thought of each individual at the time of the changing essence of New Year. The activation is accomplished by simply bringing the thought of the sound forward within you, and then each individual will consciously release it, sending it outwards to the collective energy at the moment of change of the New Year.

Prior to the time of New Year, it will be essential for your individual community to work with this Thought Code. You are to come together and start to work with the Code within a circle setting. Individually, you will each place the Thought Code into your circle, and that will naturally generate a light connection between you.

Allow the energy of the Thought Code to build within you. As you work is this way, you can release the Thought Code as many times as necessary until you feel the synergy of the light connection complete within your circle. Then at the time of the New Year, wherever you happen to be on the planet, because you have already aligned through your individual group circles, you can individually activate the Thought Code. Remember: this Thought Code is not a sound. The Code is simply brought up through your conscious mind, and then released.

The Thought Code is: AESTAH ELTAH (pronounced by a thought as Ae star, Ell tar).

Great celebration
A great celebration will be taking place at this juncture within the Universal realms as you take part in this very essential and monumental happening.

Once this form of light is activated throughout the planet, the net will have been cast. This will anchor yet another aspect of your destiny mission. You will hold this imprinted patterned light within your heart, steadily anchored within you, for all of humanity. As you participate with activating the Thought Code, you will naturally carry the full design of this light through your heart center. Through the activation of this sacred light form, you will hold your place of power, which will be a neutral space held for all humanity.

Remember that you, and all of humanity, have pre-agreed to have this collective experience. Each one of you is playing out your part fully, perfectly. By holding the mirror of this new design within, another role is anchored for you to begin to play for humanity.

The development of community will be a necessary component with this changing element on your planet after the New Year. Each community needs to be an anchor for Truth, holding the space for everyone to be celebrated and honored because of their uniqueness, where one individual is not more than another. You are not to judge the roles each one of you has chosen to play, however, you simply are to witness each other. There is a need to stay focused on your own Self through the heart and be still. You are to respect the full journey of others, knowing that they too deserve the right to have their full human experience and their own sacred timing of awakening.

You have had your journey on Earth evolving through your human experience, awakening to your spiritual nature. Now you have moved into this next phase of your journey on Earth as a multidimensional spiritual being, building a bridge with your human aspect. You will hold a sacred platform for humanity. This will be a powerful new role in your destiny.

There is much for each one of you individually to open up into, for this is you unveiling your self, becoming like a flower opening up its petals to the sun. You are being witnessed in your sacred unfolding, and you are being held through this transformational phase of remembering. Know that the pure consciousness of your unique aspect of the God consciousness is held within the living breath of your heart cells.

We witness your magnificence as you receive your self! Blessings, The Pleiadians

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