The Weak Trap of Loose Chains


Depression outstands the psyche. It demotes the nature of our perseverance, and our act to be nourished by the beautified elements surrounding us. It’s the simplest way to postpone healing and in time can separate the fragments of our life force, which brings joy.

I want us to willingly strike the whip of depression and realize that it is not a solution but a gateway towards a road that meets a fork. And while we are tired of the disappointments, we can choose the direction forward and simply “let go” of the attachment to depression.

Acceptance occurs when our strength is reborn. In the aftermath of trauma we experience numbness and fragility, both physically and mentally. Although this could be a birth for depression from the victimization that we endured, we can choose acceptance rather than defeat. This means we can visualize strength hidden deeper beyond our weaknesses and release the need to be awakened to the purpose of our trauma.

Anchoring divinity is formulated by realizing the overall need for our experiences, whether they caused happiness or sadness. It’s in the plan of fate that our core be trembled in order to peel away its layers and become more raw each time with a fresh sense of identity. Acceptance is a form of prevention for depression, and it can mask our choices to rise rather than be pulled downward into despair.

Proactiveness can cheat away the mundane reality of our behavior into a more sequential perception. We can flick away our annoyances by ignoring what it is that brings us down. This is not ignorance, but the freedom to be in control of this mental turbulence, which can lead into depression.

We are our own leaders for the mind and soul; we carry our thoughts like a live screenplay through creative manifestation. This life is no coincidence or a series of displaced karma. It is our right to exterminate the negativity from others that has traumatized us, and it is our right to resolve our sadness with anything that grants us happiness. Depression is a weak trap with loose chains; we only need that inner sun in our bellies to rise.

Selfishness disintegrates depression from our “self.” A strand of narcissism should exist to demote trauma from our memories. Focusing on how to self-recreate our innate abilities can retract our attention from the devastation of trauma. It can realize the “I Am,” away from the influence of others. Separation, as well as selfishness, can step us away from our connecting obsessions for expectations and disappointments. It can also loosen our perception with time, and release us from the sense of past, present and future.

The “Now” can exist without depression; we only need to let go of the relationships inside life, either with people, careers or traumas. With relationships, there must be a protective distance to ensure we are not brought down by the distasteful actions from others.

Forgiveness is not just an act to practice for others; it’s a reward for the forgiveness of ourselves. It prevents the belief of blaming others for our issues in life. It allows us to move on, search for new avenues, be attracted to new opportunities and reap faith. Depression wants to exist long term unless we nourish our mortal faculties — and love ourselves. With love, it will not endure depression but be amused by it. Overall, it is our teacher — love, as well, the sane madness that allows us a fortune to heal and move on.

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Soha Jagger
Soha Jagger is a freelance writer who was born in Sydney, Australia, and is now living in Qatar. You can contact her on [email protected].


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