A Chiaroscuro of Grief and Grace


Father, did you turn the rain to snow
to please me in my grieving
for you are up there in the sky now,
and I wonder if it’s some clear sign from you–

for I prayed for one — telling me
“Look at what I can do now,
first make it rain
to keep you inside
to remind you to cry,
when you wanted to forget me,

then swiftly change it all to soft snow
you love so, to soothe you
and show you the grace that showers you
with a love that knows no bounds now,
one that can no longer harm or abandon you,
a love so high it can only love…you.”

In the soft, white blanketing snow, I am comforted now.

But you are not finished
with your work
for the sun begins to break
through the clouds
to decorate the snow
sparkling now
with tiny, bright diamond lights,

like a beautiful, illuminated manuscript
whose smooth white pages
are ready now for the text
to be spun
into a new story
and a fresh vision
by me….


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