A Pleiadian Message: New Year’s Sacred Light changed Everything for Us


Beloved ones, we greet you. At the very moment you move into the energy of your New Year time frame, the entire frequency of your Earth plane was realigned to the energetic pulse that exists within your resident Universe. This pure frequency pulse interacted within the magnetic core of your planet, and that created a dynamic shift in the rotation of the Earth in the very moment of crossing into the New Year.

Through this “happening” of the re-alignment, there was a rebirth, a sacred forging with the God consciousness element flowing onto your planet. This flow of sacred light opened up a synergetic connection between your own multidimensional consciousness and the Universal Collective Consciousness that has always been in existence.

Understand that through this transformational “moment” everything changed within and around you. Your physical framework has been shifted to align to the multidimensional setting of your higher source self. Your DNA strands continue to be in the momentum of being repositioned to accommodate this frequency shift in consciousness. This means that you are no longer operating from a limited dimensional perspective, so you may be feeling a strong disorientation as you adjust energetically to the shifting of vast time frames within you. Your entire system is going through a profound, metamorphic adjustment and you will continue to move through a transmutation process throughout this next phase of change.

Out of control
There may be a strong experience of feeling “out of control,” not knowing, and not understanding anything that is going on. You need to remember that “all is in hand” and to let go and breathe. You are in the middle of navigating your way through a sacred design of a rapid change of consciousness. This awakening has opened up a next step for those of you who are consciously on your path, and these openings herald in this sacred realignment process to your returning home.

There was much celebration within the Higher Realms as your planet went through this new revolutionary expansion of consciousness. Many of you participated within your own group setting, just before the New Year time, in support of the casting of the net to successfully anchor this new dimensional design for your planet. Those of you who played this role carry the design for the transformation of this time within your place of power, within your heart. You will continue to play an ongoing pivotal role within your individual community on Earth.

This transformational opening carries the potential for you to access the multidimensional expansions of your Higher Realm Self, enabling those of you on the path to engage telepathically within the Universal Community. This action also includes you being able to interact with each other on a very different level, through a clear unobstructed telepathic channel.

New community
We have talked about the importance of new community within your Earth plane at this juncture. Now, like never before, you will be supported by this telepathic communion connection to form communities that bypass the clamoring ego mind projections. You will be enabled to come from the pure telepathic communion center that exists within the heart.

This is the time to meet each other from the pure center of heart, to acknowledge the unique individual gifts that each one of you can bring to your community. We cannot emphasize enough how essential it is for you to start by initially honoring your own unique divine gift that you are, that you bring to community. Through this receiving of Self in this way, you will be able to authentically and fully honor the gifts of another. This is an aspect of the exchange of community.

You are entering this new phase that brings a deeper awareness of consciousness of each other. This is the sacred time for each one to shine forth the individual light that you are in reality and to witness each other’s light. We experience your light and honor you for all that you carry within you. Now is the time to flow into this appreciation of yourself first and then extend this outward to others that you engage with on the path.

Profound impact
This action of sacred reemergence on your planet creates a profound impact within those of you who have been awakened within your society, your communities. We hold the completed energetic imprint for the community of humanity. We hold a steady platform for each one of you.

This imprint can be likened to a mirror that supports you in aligning with this higher frequency setting pulse, which has been newly established on your planet. These imprints will enable you to be able to adjust to aligning into your own telepathic expanded consciousness, which will support the series of energetic frequencies of these new community designs.

You are individually being called forth to move into your place within collective groups so that you can first utilize, and then forge this sacred design imprint of community. This is the time of action in motion, and each one of you need to play a conscious role in forging a path of right action with each other. Remember, a group constitutes two or more individuals coming together with a common goal of conscious right action.

Your ego mind will want to move quickly, and to do it perfectly! Move slowly, building a deeply aligned energy through your heart with your community members. Be willing to continually let go and witness each other, while allowing a conscious acceptance of your humanness to be present. Be aware you are growing and aligning into your spiritual being, while still engaging in your human experience. You must open up to authentically receive your own humanness, and to honor your human experience. And at the same time receive others with their own “perfectly imperfect” human traits.

Open up
An essential aspect of a healthy community is being willing to open up and fully embrace your human idiosyncrasies, to honor all the different shades and qualities of each other. You will learn to navigate your self towards self-acceptance, self-compassion and grow into a maturity of understanding through love.

Part of your community dynamic involves receivership of all parts of your group, the sacred and the human. Do not strive for perfection within your community group, as perfection is an ego-based desire.

These new dimensional settings on your planet are designed to support your ongoing path of fulfillment. Choose to consciously open to each multidimensional moment within your community group. As you do this together, each moment will naturally redefine and expand the frequency of One Consciousness within your group.

What does this mean? If you as a community group choose to open into “the moment” that exists and simply BE together, there is a sacred union of purity that can be birthed between you. In that “moment,” a vast reality can be revealed, creating a shift of perception between you, opening up a telepathic connection. A sacred communion will open simultaneously through each community member, creating a synergy of mutual understanding, clarity and truth that is unveiled, and anchored between you as a collective. By choosing to be in “the moment,” a strong avenue opens up, making it possible for your community to achieve a collective state of being. There is no greater action to take at this juncture than this process for an ongoing development of communion within your Community.

We bring this new conceptual plan to you. It is simple, and is being placed before you now. This is a design to activate this principle of energetic trust within your community. A vital ingredient for this process is for each member to consciously choose to participate by stepping forward and accepting the unique place that they hold within the community.


  1. Form a circle as a group. There can be a circle within a circle if necessary.
  2. Take a “conscious breath” (breathe in through the mouth and exhale from the mouth) and let go. As you let go into your collective circle, feel your circle energy grow. Do this until the energy of your circle feels complete, fuller somehow.
  3. Move your hands into a prayer position: your palms come together touching, and rest at the sternum.
  4. Bring your awareness to your hands, breathe and let go into your hands. Feel a deeper link to your place in the circle.
  5. Gently release your hands and bring your thumbs together, index fingers together and middle fingers together.
  6. Bring your awareness to the full energy opening of your full hand position. Wrap your awareness into the energy opening up. Breathe into the space and let go. Feel a deeper link into your community circle energy.
  7. Maintain your hand position. Now bring in the sound, ZAYTAH, for this aligns you into the multidimensional moment. Use the sound as many times as you feel.
  8. Open your awareness into the community energy, breathe and let go. Keep allowing your awareness to deepen into your Community energy, letting go, just being.
  9. To complete this process, bring all of your awareness into your hand position, breathe and let go. Feel the opening of a doorway, move through that space of light. Just Be.

Collective energy
Choosing to align with your community in this way allows each member to bring their uniqueness forward within your collective energy. This synergy creates an energetic weaving of a light flow to be birthed and to naturally be developed between you, opening up the sacred communion expression within your group.

Utilizing this process regularly within your community realigns you back into your natural reset energy within your multidimensional heart center. And individually you will begin to recognize each other from this Higher Realm standpoint. Through this recognition, you can enable each other in your sacred unfolding of Self. Simply by witnessing, you hold a supportive energetic platform through your heart center.

We play an anchoring energetic role within your individual community. We are predestined to hold a sacred energetic form around your community, like an energetic womb to enhance your development. These sacred forms hold a frequency light that is unique to each community. They are an aspect of your destiny design. We hold these designs steady until your community has matured energetically and is able to hold and contain these design frequencies fully between you.

Throughout the coming year on your Earth plane, there will be an enormous energetic transformation as your individual Communities evolve and anchor these uniquely designed frequencies of this transformation of consciousness. You will be actively realigning the sacred to your planet Earth.

We are the “way showers” for you, and you become the transformers for your planet. This has always been the plan. One step at a time, one community at a time, you will realign through your own self-empowerment of moving into Being.

The entire collective of “life force groups” within the Collective Universes is holding many energetic platforms for your unfolding on Earth. The spiritual realms are working alongside you, supporting you in your transition.

Know that you are each honored and loved by these communities of which you have always been a part. We, the Pleiadians, are here for you and your community. You can call us forward at any time for support. We witness you in your wholeness. Love and blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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