Emergent Light: The Eye of Vision


As human beings, we consider vision to be the most vital of the five senses. The ability to see is so much a part of the human experience that to lose it would be a devastating blow to most of us. Indeed, when people are asked which of the five senses they would least be willing to forfeit, vision invariably ranks at the top of the list. Without hesitation, it is vision that dominates our perceptual experience. Yet, as we begin to consciously live a spiritual life, a new form of seeing slowly emerges. It is a subtle sense, and is related to the soul as it begins to open its Eye of Vision.

The Eye of Vision is an aspect of the third eye. When it is opened (at least partially) an individual begins to perceive a deeper reality. It is a type of seeing that goes beyond the perception of form. Instead, it provides a perspective into the energy, truth or pattern underlying form. The word “insight” is quite useful when trying to describe the nature of the soul’s method of seeing. The Eye of Vision conveys insight (sight that is inward) into the subtler realities of life. Unlike our normal vision, it sees the deeper nature of a thing, rather than just the thing itself.

All forms are best understood as the out-picturing of qualities or energies. Qualities such as love, intelligence and idealism represent just a few of the spiritual energies (qualities) that underlie form. From a certain perspective, these qualities represent the soul hidden within form, and it is the Eye of Vision that is able to sense their presence. This is true whether we are talking about an object, a person, place or event. Each of these categories is an expression of form, and each has subtle qualities underlying them.

It should be mentioned that the perception conveyed by the Eye of Vision isn’t necessarily visual. While ordinary vision provides images of form, the vision of the soul provides an impression beyond form and is relatively formless. Most often it is experienced as an intuitional realization within the mind and heart. It is a seeing that transcends form, and is recognized in the mind as a deep understanding or spiritual knowingness.

One of the most important roles of the Eye of Vision is that it acts as a directional beacon in life. When a person is truly trying to live according to the soul’s promptings, there emerges a feeling that life must be aimed differently. Often it is based on a growing recognition that the incentives advocated by society are no longer enticing. These incentives are frequently materialistic and primarily appeal to the personality. Yet, to be guided by the soul is to live life in ways that seem antithetical to what society encourages.

For example, the desire for wealth, personality satisfaction, power and prestige are key motivators that shape Western culture and attitudes about life. Yet, the pulling power of these incentives eventually wanes as the Eye of Vision begins to open. Living life in a different way becomes a compelling urge. A sense of responsibility for the welfare of the larger whole (rather than following personality enticements), becomes the loftier motive that drives a person’s life. In this process, the desires of the personality give way to the vision and higher purpose conveyed by the soul.

In this discussion, we have seen that the Eye of Vision adds depth to human perception, particularly for those who have awakened to their inner divinity (soul). It gives insight into the truth lying behind the scenes, metaphysically understood. The vision of the soul is what guides us to live a new and different kind of life. It also helps us to see world events in a new light and, therefore, with greater wisdom. Through its gaze humanity’s oneness can be seen, and a commitment to serve the larger whole ensues. In this way, a servant to humanity’s betterment steps forward.


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