End of an Era: A Conversation with Lightsmith’s Michele Mayama and Chris LaFontaine


This interview documents the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for Lightsmith, the partnership between channel and healer Michele Mayama and her co-facilitator and photographer-in-residence Chris LaFontaine, two mainstays in the spiritual community of the Twin Cities since the early 1990s.

For several decades, Lightsmith has produced gatherings in which Michele allowed spiritual guidance — messages from the archangels, Yeshua and other masters, and the Earth Mother herself — to come through her to support our personal and collective transformation. They listened to Spirit and made many travels abroad to facilitate shifts in the planet’s energetic grid. And above all, they supported those who resonated with the messages and encouraged them with laughter and love.

Lightsmith recently announced that its public events have come to an end.

In September, in a heartfelt website post entitled “Lightsmith’s Last Hurrah,” Chris wrote: “It is time. Or maybe the end of time. Our original need to exist has completed, our raison d’être fulfilled. We have assisted those of Spirit and Earth to accomplish what was agreed upon eons ago. We have stayed the course, we have moved as directed, we have done our work, we have given 100 percent to the plan. And so have you, which is why you understand what is coming to a close.”

It signaled more than the end of public channelings. It was the end of an era in which some of us witnessed the dedication of two souls to do all they could to support the energetic changes taking place on the planet — helping individuals make sense of the chaos in their personal lives in the midst of our collective merging with higher dimensional frequencies.

Chris and Michele plan to keep moving forward, as Chris continues to embrace his lifelong interest in photography and music, as Michele continues to offer personal healing and mentoring sessions with clients seeking a helping hand during these turbulent times, as the two of them together find new ways to express what Spirit is manifesting through all of us.

They were thankful for the opportunity to share with you, through this conversation, their sense of what has passed and what is yet to come.

For someone not acquainted with your work, how would you summarize what Lightsmith has done these past 20 to 25 years?
Michele Mayama:
We formed Lightsmith, itself, in 1994, when we were getting ready to do some big events at Lake Harriet (Spiritual Community). I had been channeling since 1983, so my work preceded the Lightsmith event or creation, but when Chris came along, he put some structure on it.

Chris LaFontaine: The idea behind Lightsmith was to bring some form to something that seemed to be in motion. I came out of a business background and was used to marketing or packaging things — and so Lightsmith was born. It did take me a few years to realize that Lightsmith was not selling something. We weren’t creating dogma or…

Michele: …a methodology.

Chris: A methodology. We finally came to understand — which I think Michele always knew, it took me longer — that there was something in motion that we were respecting and responding to without understanding where it was taking us. But we understood we had a part to play. My part, I think, was to help bring some visibility and form to something that is otherwise pretty intangible.

Michele: There has always been a current within the Lightsmith experience, or whatever you call it. This current has had its own life, and my job, in particular, was to stay in touch with it and respond to it and set something up if it felt like, “Okay, this is next. We’ll set it up. We’ll do it,” without knowing where that was going to go. That current really dictated our lives in a lot of ways.

Throughout the process you have referred to this current or juice or the flow of energy in your lives. How did you come to trust that this was the next step for you and for all of us collectively?
My experience is different than Chris’s. I can only speak for me, but my life was set up for this work. I had a near-death experience at 6. I have had mystical experiences when I was a teenager. All of this stuff I can see in hindsight was all part of my life setting me up to be a vehicle for this living current, and I always trusted the presence of those who were guiding us through the channeling, the Earth Mother or whoever was coming through.

There was always this great sense of love. It has always been within love. My experience as a channel is I don’t remember what comes through me very well, but I remember the experience of the connections.

The feeling of it.
Yeah, the feeling of it: the love, the assurance, the potency at times, the power that was there, the clarity, the most pristine frequencies that would be there — so I never had any doubts. There was always a sense of connection, like family almost, like that sense of being well cared for from that level and dimension.

Chris: I got connected with Michele because I was interested in channeling and I read a number of different channeled pieces over the years, even before I knew Michele.

There are differences in what comes through channeling, who it comes through, what little twists and turns it can take, if it feels manipulative or ego-stroking, or just feels off in some way. Once I got connected with Michele, I just responded in a positive way. I did trust for many of the reasons Michele mentioned, based in love. It never felt like there was ever any “have to,” there was never any “ought to.” There was just perspective and a lot of support and good discussions for me over the years.

Back in November 1994, you wrote, “The Earth and all upon her are in the process of great change. Our human forms are birthed of the Earth and we are changing, too. In fact, we are participating in and crucial to the process. We are shifting from duality consciousness to wholeness. We are at a point where each person must make a choice.” Talk to me a little bit about that choice and the role it has played throughout the years.
The way this has come through us has always been about a choice — and this particular time is about getting sort of unwound from the places within us that were conditioned to believe a certain way, patterned to survive, constricted within, survival and fear, traumatized into obedience, so to speak. There is no choice in that. That’s the unconscious that has been replicated from the previous generations of unconsciousness.

So, in order to make a free choice, a real choice, the first phase of this has always been to unwind and heal or release or clear the deeper levels of what has been suppressed to bring our souls back together. There has been significant fragmentation in the process of trauma, and the key is to get more and more clear, to be more conscious, so we can make a conscious choice.

The conscious choice for me during these years was to honor, stay with, and to continue to do my own work. To be the vehicle for what was coming through meant that I have been in consistent individual process for all these years. Nobody will ever know the extent of what that challenge was for me personally. And, that’s okay.

We have been guided to embody more and more of our own light or Spirit, a process that I have periodically called fusion. It is like living light, created in consciousness — a living field that is the fifth dimension. It is a new dimension. It’s not the third dimension where we are physical and human. It’s not the fourth dimension where it is Heaven. Heaven and Earth have been split. There is something we call “the other side,” which in some ways continues to keep us here less conscious.

My experience is that the more we bring our own great Spirit into our light, into matter, it’s a healing experience — and the more conscious we become and we stay conscious. And not only do we stay conscious, we have access within this new dimension to everything that we need in the moment.

The key is relaxing into this experience. We cannot relax if we have the grips of old story survival and fear. This has been our work.

Chris: I think there is another piece to choice. The choice was always to choose love. That’s been the message from the beginning. But what that actually means in one’s experience is often a much different situation. Sometimes the choice is made unconsciously or at a soul level, but it is still a choice. You may say, “Oh, I’m going to participate in this great transformation I’ve been hearing about,” and when you choose to do that, you don’t always know what is coming and what that means.

You don’t know what you signed up for.
Yes, and what you usually find out you signed up for in making your choice is that it’s all about you and it’s all about the work you need to do to disengage yourself from a structure that does not support the love and life and light that you are choosing to move toward. It has been a lot of work.

I’d like to add something about the work Michele says people will never know about. In the past when introducing her to groups and such, on more than one occasion I said that my experience of Michele is that she is the same person in a public way and in a private way. She does not have a public persona that is different from her private self. She is an authentic person.

What you haven’t seen is that she is usually the first to move through what other people are about to move through, and so she is equally challenged on a personal, human level in the same way all of us have been, and then that modeling has been available in consciousness for people to pick up on and do that level of work.

That’s part of how this works, and it’s why Lightsmith attracted groups of people. The interesting thing to me early on was to sit and think, “Well, okay, do we market ourselves? What exactly are we doing? Packaging events?” And then the next thing I discovered is that we moved on to something completely different or evolutionary in the process.

It took me a while to understand that it never was about trying to attract numbers of people. Each thing that we did along the way attracted a certain body of people, and that changed regularly. There are people who did something with us once. We literally have a handful of people who have been with us from the beginning to present day — but most people have come and gone.

It was always the circumstance that drew what was needed for the specific event, and then it dissipated. And yet, there has been a core group of people, less than 30, who have continued to be willing to participate and been drawn to participate and do some of these things that we have done when the group energy was needed. We have never known what an event was going to be ahead of time, or what was next after it.

Michele: As Chris has been saying, there have been various phases in what we have done. There was one phase where we did trips, and that took over for a year and a half. There was a phase in which I did intensive training for a small group, and I did a lot of writing in the midst of that. Then Lightsmith moved into this building — and immediately a series of beings started to show up every month to drop things into consciousness and do a process. That transformed into several beings telling us, “Okay, we’re going to take you through the core transformation here.” That took three years or whatever it was. Then the Earth Mother came through and offered her piece so our bodies would be supported in this process.

Last February, Yeshua, who started the whole thing here, almost exactly 10 years ago, — February 2006 to February 2016 — came and said, “This is the last time the Spirit beings are going to be here now. We have accomplished what we set out to accomplish through working through you into consciousness.”

The Earth Mother continued showing up, but she has just come through about three times this year. And so, it’s done. Whatever we signed on to do, we did it. It seems to be time to let go of the role that I have had in this for a long time, since I was, 29 years old. I’ve been committed to this more than half of my life.

So I have unwound from this role that I have played. I tell Chris and others that I feel more different, more changed, in terms of my experience of myself just in this one year than I have for a lot of years. Partly, that is because this big current that has been flowing through me has been letting go. It’s like, “Wow! How do I feel when that’s not there?” And, I get to be part of the new dimension, too! I get to be just like everybody else.

You can now relax from this process.
Exactly! Yes! Big YES! And, I am excited about having a personal life. We have had very little personal life experience here.

It’s been pretty all encompassing. So, I am kind of excited as we look toward selling the building and deciding that we can actually choose things for ourselves now that are not based on, “Okay, what’s next? Get ready! Prepare.”

Regardless of the number of people who attended your events, at some level did your work affect everybody on the planet?
Yes. We always did things within the grid of the planet, so we’ve been hooked up to the living grid or the ley lines, the vortices.

Chris: We have a ley line that runs through the Lightsmith building that we consciously and specifically have worked with.

Michele: We have a planetary quartz, a large quartz, that has been very instrumental in getting information through and to the living grids. That’s one of the ways it all gets distributed, as well as just going directly into consciousness. Yes, everybody has participated in a planetary and a personal level.

Chris: And, I think the part people are still coming to understand is how the shift in the structure within consciousness affects the whole of consciousness. We are all part of the whole.

A lot of us who are talking about this now and reflecting on it are Baby Boomers, you and us, and we were part of a plan to come in to a time where there was so much distortion and so many issues. We took them on. We transformed them. That has been our work — and that has affected the whole. And during this process we have brought in new frequencies, or information, beyond the channeling. The words and the conscious part were there to keep our minds engaged, but the real work was so subtle or energetic in nature and it was going on while we where focused elsewhere.

Michele: And, in the meantime, this new dimensional field had been getting stronger and stronger and stronger. That’s because there are those of us who have been transforming, transmuting and bringing more of our own essence in and making more and more conscious choices, and it’s also because of the influx of a lot of souls who have been born in the last 16 years. They are ready for this new energy. They are influencing the field.

So the field is becoming much more tangible and easier to connect with and even easier to witness how it is functioning. It’s wonderful to begin to see the beginning of its new forms emerge, to see the new creation out in the world — and hopefully more and more in our own lives as we jump off the cliff here.

The new children were born for the new dimensional field. They are designed for it. We Baby Boomers have had to remap or restructure ourselves, because we were born in another age and time, with the structures we inherited and were conditioned by. Within this new dimension, it’s a different way to function. It’s a different operating system and the older folks need some upgrades, you know?

In some way the younger Millennials are becoming leaders as we speak.
They’re the ones in the forefront. Look at what they’re doing out in Standing Rock. Look at what they did with Bernie (Sanders). Look at them. Watch them. They are like, “Yeah. We know what vibrates. We know what’s true. We know what’s real. We’re trying to wake everybody up and say, ‘What the heck! We can do solar energy. Let’s do it now!'” They know what’s possible. They’re here to bring it in, to bring it through.

Chris: The Millennials are the transition team for the next group, that we call our grandkids. They are just wired to go.

Michele: “Get out of my way!” We have a couple of grandkids that are saying that. Okay!

Chris: They are very vocal about knowing who they are. It’s quite interesting.

These past 10 years seem to have taken place in one timeless void, it seems like. Things have dissolved and have been reforming and humanity has continued the process of disconnecting from duality. It just must be like a blur for you to just be in the flow and really have your minds taken out of the process.
Yes. The frequency of the communications that I have written for the website has become more sporadic. I’m in the same process as everyone. I’m not always sure — not that I was ever sure — if I have anything to say. And I’m not feeling moved to communicate it right now.

There’s been a real transition in my sense of what I want to share. I was always anxious to share what was unfolding, and now it is more blurred. You mentioned that we’re leaving duality. A big part of this change is that duality is leaving us. It’s the structure that is dissolving right beneath our feet. We’ve connected with it through our minds and the whole mental field is being restructured, and duality is dissipating.

It’s like people are experiencing anxiety from not having ground to stand on. They don’t sense that there’s anything to hang onto, and so it is disconcerting. If you don’t really know about the new field or you don’t know there is an option for how to be here, then you just look at the dissolving of the world and the chaos it is in and you think that it’s just dying.

Michele: Well, there is a death. My experience this year has been all about weaving death into life, and it’s become a beautiful weaving in my own experience. Four people who have died recently are ones I have either been coaching in the process of dying or, in one case a friend of mine who died very suddenly, I have been coaching her after she died, before she moved all the way on, so she could complete.

In the process in which souls are leaving body and life, another whole new thing has been happening. There are those who are moving through the traditional process to the other side, but there also are those who have been coached in this new dimensional experience who are dying. They’re leaving their bodies, but they’re also coming back into the new dimension from the spirit side or the non-physical side of the new dimension, the fifth dimension.

How the dying process interacts with this new fifth dimensional energy is just a whole new learning curve for me — and for them. My sense is that instead of having our loved ones feel so separate when they pass, the new dimension offers something that is more accessibile, because they are part of the same field we’re part of, the fifth dimension, that encompasses Heaven and Earth.

One of my little threshold places right now is exploring how this new dimension opens accessibility. I’ve had some threshold experiences with it. It’s like relaxing into a field or place where there is this living information and you ask a question and pick it up. It’s like access. Instant, present, access. It’s conversational. I don’t know how to describe it differently. It’s as if there are threads that are possibilities that you just move around in between and explore. It’s a sense of living possibility within one question. The answer may be this, this or this, and it may end up being a combination of all of it or none of it, depending on how things unfold. It’s why we can’t plan the future anymore. In this living, creative process in the field that we’re part of, there are no have-to’s.

I’m coming out of an experience with a current of information that was specific. It said, “This is next,” and we did that, and then, “This is next,” and then we did that. It had such a compelling feeling within it that we were just with it and things would unfold. That compelling feeling is gone. The only way I know what feels right now is from within my own body, and I can feel a sense of responsiveness when it feels like it is right.

It’s a learning curve for me, but I’m learning, and I have come up with some of the qualities of this new dimension just by living in it, working with it, coaching people.

Some of the qualities of it — and I keep forgetting some of them, because they keep emerging — include mutality. Relationships are not about equality. Equality is the highest you can get in duality. Mutuality allows each person to have their own experience that is beneficial, but it is very different for each of you. Each person has a very unique and different experience. It’s mutual.

There is a synchronisness — and I don’t call it synchronicity because people think they know what that means. Synchronisness is a simultaneousness that is part of being in this living, creative dimension, and it creates flow. I’ve learned a lot about flow and it’s not the old flow, it’s a different kind of flow — and I’ve learned about it by being with people who are dying. That’s where I’ve learned about being immersed in trusting the unfolding of this wisdom flow that is collaborative with all the people involved, with the timing involved, with the people drawn in, whether they’re medical people or hospice people or friends or family.

It’s just been amazing to be in this flow and then realize that that’s how I can live now, not just when I’m with them. There’s a mutuality, synchronisness, a simultaneousness, and a sense of co-generativeness. I wish there was another word, but I haven’t come up with a better one. It is as if when we are really true to ourselves, really present — even in joy or responsiveness or happiness, in our experience with those feelings, those experiences — we generate an energy that the field responds to with a magnification of the energy.

It’s almost like the more you open up to experiencing what’s real and joyful, there is a magnification of it and a co-generativeness and it affects the whole field — it affects people around you, and you can watch it ripple out.

In the past you may have sensed this is a “yes” for me, and now that “yes” is vibrating back to you?
It does. It magnifies. It vibrates back and forth like ripples now, back and forth, and you get to have the experience of what that feels like. There is a collaborativeness — and, again, that word is small. It does not really encompass the whole of what this is, because it is not collaboration between people. It is the field that is collaborating with us, collaborating with Nature, collaborating with all. I even feel the sun and the planets are in collaboration with this whole thing, because they’re shifting, too.

It is collaborating with itself, right?
Exactly, and it’s all present in the moment. Again, we’re learning how to do this, but you can’t do it from your mind. It’s an impossible thing.

Chris: The old, New Age thing, The Secret and creating and all of that, was from the mind. When we speak of conscious creation, we’re not talking about the same thing. There is a creation that is conscious and we’re conscious within it — and there is this collaborative piece. There is the recognition that you stand in the center of what you’re experiencing, but it is a much different experience than thinking, “How am I going to make the money to pay my rent this month — I have to envision this and say mantras and whatever.” That’s not the kind of conscious creation we’re talking about.

Well, all of that is pretty exciting. It’s almost like you’re beginning to see the reward of your work through this reverberation — from you inward and outward and coming back to you from everywhere.
Yeah, there is a kind of reward, you might say. I enjoy watching people who have been part of our experience and circles. Their lives are changing. They are in radical change, but change in ways that are bringing them personal fulfillment and a kind of freedom that they haven’t known. A kind of joy is now possible.

One woman who has always found it very difficult to articulate how she felt, especially with family or other people, is just clear and she’s finding herself without any of the other stuff that always was there holding her back. It’s gone. She just feels very authentic and real and she is getting all this wonderful feedback. Another woman is moving into her own experience of who she is separate from all the influences that were there in the past — having a new relationship, a new home, a new life opening up. It’s fun to watch and celebrate that happening for others, as well as us.

We’ve had the old ways of learning from others, the whole “follow the guru” path. Do you get the sense that now is about an individual picking up on the next way forward by him or herself, rather than by seeking a teacher?
I think so.

Chris: Yeah, I think that’s a big part of what’s taking place, actually. There’s no external authority.

Michele: The field is our teacher, and it’s a big learning curve just to have your own experience of this new field. How do you learn how to be you and have access and part of this living intelligence? I’ve been telling people, “I can’t teach you this. I can coach you. I can help your chakra system get ready to morph, but then it’s you and the field.”

It’s like if someone says, “Well, what do I do?” You almost have to say, “Well, you do nothing. You just dive into life and it will teach you.”
Every day. Every moment. Every choice. Sunday I made a choice in which on one level I knew I was supposed to stay home, but my mind or some other part of me didn’t want to disappoint the people we had committed to, as money was involved, and so I went along. When we got to the place, there was no seating for us. Everybody had to scrunch together to accommodate us. So, we got very clear, “Okay, this was another place to learn, an opportunity.”

Chris: We’re continually trying to honor the very things we say. People will still try to find ways to get what they think they need from somebody else, but that may be part of their journey of realizing it’s not coming that way anymore. I think there is a little bit of that kind of confusion happening at the moment, too.

So where is Lightsmith now?
Michele: We’re selling the building, and the groups seem to be pretty much done. We are doing a Solstice event that might be the last one, or not, but it will be the last event in the building. I’m going to continue to see clients.

You’re going to continue mentoring people.
Mentoring, coaching, doing some healing work and things, over at an office in Minneapolis. I know what’s next for me is to continue individual one-on-one work for now, and then the visible and present work, which I’ve been doing the last two or three years, also is going to continue. So, a couple things will continue, but a lot of the main work that we existed for as Lightsmith is complete. It’s done.

Are you sensing satisfaction at some level?
Chris: Yes, because of the possibility of it. There is so much stuff going on in the world — so much focus on Trump, for example, and I can watch it all and go, “Oh, really?” You can watch that, but you don’t have to so seriously engage in it as a lot of people seem to be doing, because there’s another place to be with it all. So that sense of other possibilities becomes a real experience.

I read something the other day about the people who voted for Trump saying that what they really wanted was true change — and they didn’t care if they have to blow everything up get it. So we had options. We follow the way our government has always been or we can blow everything up and see where the pieces lie — and that seems to be what some people want to experience.
And, if you’re in this new dimension, your experience can be very different while it’s blowing up.

Chris: That’s the part that seems like an impossibility to some people. This thing that is blowing up is not much of a reality. It’s not very real reality. There is a more real reality that people will tell you you’re crazy if you try to articulate it, but it exists and you can be there, and you can watch this other stuff happening, but it doesn’t have to be your experience.

Michele: Or affect your experience.

For those who have not gone through the Lightsmith experience or haven’t done a lot of transformational work, what do you recommend for them at this time, in terms of how to approach each day going forward?
To stay really, really present with every experience that you have, and honor it, no matter what it is, because within that experience is the sort of opening or the access to all that is unfolding and evolving within you. Nobody outside of you can fully know what that is. They can, perhaps, at times assist or facilitate a release of something that has been caught or stuck for a while, but it’s still about just allowing. If you’re angry, be with that. If there’s fear, be with that, and keep bringing awareness, love, presence, and include everything that is in your own experience that feels like it’s engaging you.

For example, much of what is going on in the world outside of me — Trump, etc. — doesn’t engage me, so I don’t include that because I’m not triggered by it. It doesn’t affect me, but my decisions that I am learning to make about what do is the best focus and use of my energy. Is it to do this or to do that? And, when I’m aligned in the flow of life and my own awareness, then those choices form the flow that I was talking about earlier.

When I go back to, “Well, maybe I should do this because of that,” you know, the old story, then the flow gets a little disrupted — and I know it, and I realize, “Oh, okay. I’m learning.”

What I tell all of my clients is this: Rather than being hard on yourself for getting out of the flow, getting out of balance, know that we’re all learning, and it’s a constant thing right now. It’s not books, and it’s not teachers who are going to teach you how to be in this new dimension. Your collaborative experience with the field itself in your own life, in your own experience, is your greatest teacher at the moment in this time.

It’s not to say that you can’t ask for help. We choose help and facilitation as needed, honoring the skills of others, if it feels right. If it feels like, “Yes! I need that now.”

Be grateful to these skilled people who help us, especially with some of the physical challenges. Our whole bodies are shifting. The structures in our bodies are shifting. I started 2016 with my back going out. Completely. I couldn’t move. Throughout the rest of this year I’ve done a lot of Rolfing, some chiropractic, working my way through. All areas of the physical structure have to be realigned in order to be part of the new operating system that is functioning in your body. If you’re going to embody light and embody a new organization of how to be here within you, it’s going to affect your bones, and it’s going to affect your body.

We started our conversation about each person having to make a choice, and it seems like that’s where we are leaving it. On one level, people may say it sounds selfish, but it all comes down to the individual self and what we choose and where we choose to go, right?
It’s the individual self in collaboration with this living intelligence and consciousness that is synchronizing all of us. We don’t have to be afraid anymore that we won’t be supported, that we won’t have what we need. The field is collaborating with us.

Even in the midst of this, the old story is fighting to take more out of life. Our water protectors are saying, “Life will supply what we need if we align with life.” You know? And then the others are saying, “No, we have to take it from life and we have to own it!” No, the field — and life — really are strong enough and present enough to collaboratively create everything we need. And, here we are.

Chris: And I don’t see it as selfish. To align with life, that includes your own alignment. I think what we’re really talking about is coming into alignment with self — and when you are in that place, then you can come into alignment with All That Is.

It’s all about trusting in this whole process.
Trust. We trust until we fully start to realize how real it is. So, we trust our way in. Yeah.

Chris: We trust our way in.

Do you have any final thoughts that we haven’t talked about that you’d like to share?
It’s been a long journey for me, having this current take over my life. I really don’t know what’s going to happen or unfold or what I’ll be drawn to do next. I hope it’s something different. But, I’m grateful for all that I’ve evolved and learned and the experiences that I’ve had and grateful to the people — really, really grateful to all the people who have said, “Yes, we’ll trust you, and trust the beings that are coming through you,” and showed up in one place or version or time or another or stuck around for a while, who have done their own personal work.

I have a deep honoring and gratitude for every person and for every part of this journey. And I have a great desire for everyone to have fulfillment in their own lives, at the levels that their soul would bring to them or create for them, and all that the field can offer to them. I want that for everyone, because there’s a certain shared joy or shared celebration. It’s like, “We did it!” We can share that. We know what we’ve done, sort of. Whereas, there are lots of people who are not going to know anything about what we’ve done.

Chris: To have been on this adventure with Michele has really been an amazing and challenging; adventure is the wrong word — it has been a life experience. I’ve been called into alignment on several occasions more strongly than others, but to be with someone who has an ability to stay so focused on what’s real and true and in alignment that my choice becomes this: either I move into alignment or I leave. That’s really an honor to be in that kind of an adventure with somebody. So, I’m most grateful that I had someone with the kind of integrity who can call me to my own.

For more information or to contact Michele Mayama and Chris LaFontaine, visit www.lightsmith.com.

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