How Shamanism can aid Healing


Shamanism teaches us how to work with energy. Wonder and enlightenment occurs when energy from plants, animals, rocks, humans — in fact, energy from any living thing — is felt. Knowledge expands with energetic experiences. Loneliness is reduced and may decrease entirely due to the unlimited possibilities for energetic connections.
Blood pressure lowers and a sense of peace exudes when exploring energy relationships, particularly during meditative shamanic journeys. Frequently headaches recede, and in my case they were essentially eliminated once I learned shamanic journeying.

Feeling energy can be taught through shamanic classes and workshops. Shamanic healing is powerful. A sense of oneness and connectedness permeates our mind, body and soul.

The easiest way to perceive healing energy is to be outside in nature. Experiencing the power of wind, the cleansing of rain, and the sun’s healing rays calms the spirit and refreshes the soul. 
Take a deep breath, close your eyes and allow your body to relax as you breathe deeply and powerfully at least three times. Consciously release as you feel yourself slow down. Keep your mind open to conversations with different entities, spirits and souls. Ask for communication to occur. Believe you can receive and messages will arrive.

Trees are very receptive to human energy and will reach out to us with their own energetic messages. Pick a tree you “like,” place your hand on its trunk, close your eyes and see what you can feel. Send love and thank the tree for spending time with you. Explore the different energies inherent in the various trees. Becoming skilled at sending and receiving information from trees will assist you with shamanic journeying. You learn to let go of your conscious reality while receiving energetic information outside your traditional human scope.

Shamanic journeys explore realms of existence different from the physical environment we inhabit on Earth. Shamans can heal soul loss and help a person feel complete, rather than lost in a myriad of maze-like traps. Shamanic journeying facilitates afterlife communication.

Love is a wonderful byproduct of shamanic exploration and healing.

Let me give you an example of communication aided by shamanic healing. I recently published a book about my brother David called Change Maker: How My Brother’s Death Woke Up My Life. Change Maker is designed to teach readers about shamanic journeying, trusting our spiritual instincts and believing that afterlife communication is possible. The first chapter is beautifully illustrated by a lovely black raven, relevant to contents in the initial section. 

Over Labor Day, I entered a raffle at Longs Park Art Festival in Mt. Gretna, Penn. A few weeks later, a phone call informed me I won the raffle and my prize was a beautiful big black raven sculpture. I was to pick up this large sculpture exactly 30 days from my book’s publication date. When I arrived, two men introduced themselves and one was called…guess the name? David! I grinned knowingly and sent waves of gratitude to my brother. David claimed he orchestrated this win to thank me for publishing Change Maker.
Shamanism is fun and insightful. Being able to journey to different realms is transformational. Continuing afterlife communication with David since his passage 21 years ago has been remarkably healing. Shamanic journeying spearheaded my now strong belief in the eternity of all life.

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