Why I Meditate: Building a Storehouse of Stillness and Unity


As human beings, we live here in the very practical world of duality. There is what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, projects that are finished or still in progress, etc. There is a great amount of activity. There are many demands. It is easy to become competitive and comparative with others.

But we are not only human beings; we are spiritual beings, as well. Each of us has a connection to spirit and spiritual values and truths that we embody and express in our human activities and endeavors. This connection is the source of inspiration, creativity, innovation, care and compassion. Strengthening this connection strengthens our bond with this source.

Why do I meditate? I meditate to build a storehouse of stillness and unity to draw upon as I engage my human life. I stop my normal activities and I sit quietly. I let the thoughts and emotions that arise go. I let them float away. I give up and let go of any judgments that I have about those thoughts and emotions.

When I am able to do this fully, I am transported to a space of silence that fills me with stillness. I am present to the unity that is available in pure spirit. Duality drops away. There is at-one-ment. There is atonement; I can forgive the ways that I fall short as a human being.

When I meditate, this benefit is available to me at that time. But even more important than the immediate connection with spirit is that it seems to build a reserve of stillness and unity to draw upon when confronted with the inevitable challenges in life.

So, I meditate to build this reserve and to continually strive to have my human endeavors be a reflection and expression of the highest good.

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Rev. Gail Cantor
Rev. Gail Cantor is an Interfaith Minister who provides spiritual life coaching for people who want to turn their divine inspirations into real accomplishments. She has 40 years of experience working with people to awaken, transform and develop. Visit www.gailecantor.com. Contact Rev. Cantor at 972.740.3709 or [email protected].


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