Why I Meditate


Here comes the negative mind chatter, as if a menacing, dark cloudburst is pouring heavy rain over my head. “You’re ugly, lazy, overweight.” These comments were from shady people that I once knew. Unfortunately, the dark words continue to live on, causing distress. I want to take my power back, find nurturing, and experience the healing that I truly deserve.

Meditation was the key to confront my negative thought patterns and keep me in the present. Initially, the more that I sat in stillness, the more that “stuck” sadness slowly released. Once a day for a few minutes, with my eyes closed, I allowed my mind to wander. If outside noises bothered me, I would incorporate those, too.

After a while, I began experimenting with different forms of meditation. Listening to Reiki and chakra balancing music, and sound waves, helped me achieve mindfulness.

Practicing meditation has allowed me to stay balanced in the center of chaos. Meditation has helped me discover what truly is going on within myself. I have detached from the negative mind chatter and shifted toward more positive aspects of my life. For every thing that was negative I have replaced with a positive. I have learned to love who I was in the past, and who I am now.

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Debra Roinestad
Debra Roinestad is a shamanic healer, psychic and author. She spends time doing shamanic healing, and teaches resilience building skills. Debra wrote a memoir, Protected by the Light. She creates photo collage art based on the themes of healing. Visit her new website debraroinestad.net. Contact Debra at [email protected] or 347.602.3552.


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