Why is Meditation so important to Me?

The significance of meditation within the Tao-Chan/Ming Chia (in translation: Bright Beautiful School of Thought) philosophy that I teach, coach and endeavor to follow is difficult to gauge. This “true meditation” is a composite of practices that cannot be completely exclusive of one another. They are meant to promote a healthful harmony between one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

To enjoy a deeper perspective into this notion, it is important to contrast this harmony with a “harmony between Heaven and Earth,” both in analogy, and to some degree, literally. We can learn to be more and more healthful conduits between Heaven and Earth.

Accordingly, if there is a Heaven, a “key to the universe,” even a sixth sense, they are rooted in true honesty, promoting of true happiness and true freedom — but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind. It is so much about doing the right thing for the right selfless sake. It is so much about realization that we are all so much more in the same common boat than we often think and act. It is so much about dignity, decency, goodness and grace. It is so much about true forgiveness.

Most importantly, true meditation must be devoid or mostly devoid of preset patterns of thinking — without expectation, rumination, cyclical thinking, and most particularly, without the pernicious weight of hate, greed and ignorance. It is about working to better learn how to empty the mind of thought, and at times, learning to use healthful fashions of guided imagery, which assist one in focusing on just one or two things versus many things.

Meditation is the embodiment of a truly healthful sense of lightness in being. It is about playing the part of a less-blemished witness — in most simple terms, it is a tool with which one can witness one’s internal and external environments through an untarnished or almost untarnished lens. It is a tool that diminishes desire and craving of the need for something to hide behind.

Such true honesty is not inclusive of unhealthful self-deception. It is a significant facet of true health through true responsibility.



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