6 Practices to Overcome Ego Resistance


To create a new state of consciousness or a new level of well-being, some things must shift — and shift often triggers all kinds of emotions.

Change requires us to take new action, to step out of our comfort zone, to expand. Cue in the ego, which wants us to stay safely tucked in the routine of what we already know. Resistance can show up as self-sabotage, procrastination, and a host of destructive patterns to make us believe that we’re not good enough, not smart enough, not deserving enough of what we really want to create.

All these thoughts, patterns and sabotaging energy act like toxic psychic debris in our emotional body. The more we have, the more difficult it is to manifest our heart’s desires.

Think of it this way: you pray and meditate for something great to manifest in your life. You know it’s aligned with your soul purpose. You know it would bring you joy. You start going to the gym; you work in your dream journal; you have the best vision board — and yet, nothing happens or your motivation plummets after a few short weeks. Why is this so?

A part of you is resisting what you want to create. A part of you doesn’t want to change. The positive consequences of your desired change trigger anxiety and panic in your ego self. A part of you is afraid that if you lost the weight or had a successful business or a greater income, then your relationship with your significant other will have to shift. Others will see you differently. You will be more visible.

Picture yourself playing tug-of-war with the energies of “let’s do this!” and “no it’s too scary!” That’s what happens at the subconscious level when what you want to create is overshadowed by those misaligned energies and thought forms located in your emotional body. Your energy is blocked, and you lose momentum.

What is needed to ensure your subconscious emotions are aligned with your desires is honest self-reflection (do you really want what you want?), followed by concrete actions toward your goal.

These practices will help you stay on track:

  • Feel the fear, and do it anyway — Give yourself the gift of recognizing your patterns of resistance. Change is difficult and triggering. View the fear as fuel to move you toward your transformation and your new goals.
  • Be a detached observer — When you identify yourself with the experience of confusion, or being stuck, or procrastination, you are giving in to your ego. Instead, take a deep breath and imagine being a detached observer of your life. Have a playful inner conversation, such as, “Oh, there you are procrastination. I see you. I wonder how you’ll try to stop me as I take action toward my goal today.”
  • Exercise self-compassion — Stop beating yourself up: directing anger and frustration toward yourself is only going to add to the toxic debris in your emotional body. Instead, see how clever your ego can be in its effort to keep you safe. Reassure that hurt and fearful part of you.
  • Exercise self-discipline — Keep taking aligned action, every day. When you promise yourself that you will do something by a certain date, do it! Otherwise, you are giving away your inner authority to your inner tantrum-driven 2 year old. Is this the wisest part of you?
  • Hire a mindset coach or spiritual mentor — It can be difficult to see and recognize your own emotional debris. Think of it as having a spotter at the gym: someone who will help you keep your best form and see that you stay safe from actions that can hinder you from reaching your goals. You will feel more committed and accountable for your work. You will feel guided and supported. You will have a greater chance to succeed.
  • Listen to this meditation — My gift to you is an hour-long aura cleansing meditation that will help you clear your energy body. Go to: deliberatesoulcreation.com/meditation-aura-cleansing/
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  1. Some great advice here, particularly ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. I read that book back when I was 19 years’ old and I still believe that sometimes we just have to go for it!


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