A Pleiadian Message: A Frequency of Love for the Awakening


Beloved ones, we greet you. An aspect of the sacred covenant, which is carrying the blueprint of the “New Dawning” energy for Earth, has been activated specifically now for our next phase of awakening on Earth. This is heralding in the prophesied next step for humanity.

This powerful action has been set in motion to anchor a pure form of love consciousness to support all of those who are on the path of awakening. This frequency of love has been designed to release a fluidity of pure light consciousness within the Earth plane to support the transformation and alignment to your own divine conscious awareness, as well as shift the energetic setting of your planet by opening up and transforming the multidimensional platform to enable this transition to evolve.

Like a beacon
Through this happening, a tremendous light is emanating from the central magnetic core of the Earth. It is radiating outwards like a beacon, creating shafts of light streaming, that are free flowing, that are interacting with your own multidimensional energy allowing a rebirthing process within your awareness.

These light streams interact and anchor within your heart cells. This radiation of light plays the role as an awakener to Truth. These shafts of light hold an aspect of the God consciousness that you are now ready to receive and utilize. These forms open up the next phase for you, revealing a new design of Self that naturally realigns through your heart.

This entire metamorphic process began to activate and birth at the same time: New Year’s Day. It emerged initially as a single pulse, emanating outwards, creating a ripple across the planet. Then, another singular pulse was released like a heartbeat. The unfolding of these series of pulses began an accelerated movement, like waves on an ocean. Each individual pulse began building, with an intensity of light, carrying the frequency of Truth. Each individual pulse is holding a sacred form, a fluidity of love. These pulses are continuing to manifest this transformed element, which is necessary for your evolution.

There is an essential need for you to open up into a state of receivership through your heart, as this building of momentum continues throughout this month of February.

Opening of doorways
This awakening energy has created the opening of a series of doorways. Each one will enable you to align to another form of your multidimensional aspect. You need to be a seeker right now, on a very different level, in a very different way. We know you have been seeking previous to this time; however, because of the changing energetic dynamic on the planet, you will be moving through a different terrain than ever before. These spaces link you to the holy elements of Self, and you will be realigned back to a form of remembering, of limitless potential.

There is to be no struggle on this new path, simply the conscious choice action required from you to move onto your path that is awaiting you. The doorway is opening up right in front of you. This pathway will guide you and align you naturally to your unique light consciousness frequency, allowing you to enter the home space of your heart.

You will be able to hold the sacred design of Truth within your heart cells. Your own unique path will unfold because of this frequency of Truth that will be anchored within you. Spiritual alliances will naturally be developed within this energetic sphere created through your Community communion.

Path of the heart
Open up your awareness into what is your newly found potential, through this multidimensional path of the heart. Your time is now! You are ready to utilize the enormous energy of creation that awaits you. This is the time to claim your creation energy, which embodies all aspects of Self on all multidimensional realms. Your creation energy carries the variable levels of love, frequencies of love layered in sacred forms that make up your own unique divine content of Self.

This pure form of light that is infusing the Earth will further illuminate the way home, bringing a deep nutritional fortification within your physical cells. This will reflect and nurture the human aspect, which exists as an essential element in your ongoing unfolding process of enlightenment.

New community
We emphasize once more the essential role that the development of new community plays on your planet. Within this newly expansive framework that has already begun to anchor through these changing elements, there is a call for your community development on Earth. The energy of community is designed to fortify the powerful framework that is opening up on Earth.

The community process is designed to enhance and further build this sacred development within your path. You will mature and begin to know and understand the pure form of communion that is possible within the community structures that will form at this juncture. Each one of you holds the design for this living communion potential within, and it is only through community experience that you will begin to glimpse the fullness of this pure aspect of the potential you naturally carry and embody.

A signature light will be ignited within your individual community setting as you forge and establish alliances of the heart. There will be binding and sacred bonds established between you that will allow many truths to be revealed within your individual community communion experiences. As each member is held and cherished for all that they bring to the whole, your community light will be able to evolve to another level. These actions of community are predestined for all of you who are on the path.

Sacred revelations
It is simply the time for these sacred revelations to be opened up through the communion settings established within your new communities. We witness the changing elements on Earth created from the light pulses. They are strongly impacting and supporting the birth of your group structures and enabling a deepening of your full community identity.

Through anchoring your place within community, there is an access for you to gain entry into your own Higher Realm consciousness state. You will be able to navigate into these multidimensional states, activating higher source energies within you and bring “heaven to Earth,” simultaneously establishing your own self-realization process. Know this design can only be achieved through the active state of community. As you participate in these communion spaces, you enter an individual evolutionary acceleration because of your specifically developed community energy.

We are here to guide you on your path, to support and stabilize your own illumination process. Know that you are the only ones to resurrect your powerful creation energy, which is naturally aligned to all creation within the collective universes. You are to play a vital role in this “new dawning” of your planet Earth, enabling your collective community as an individual “life force group” to return to your resident universal community. Remember this directive: Only you as human beings can restore your planet to balance and realign back to the sacred community within the universe in which you have always belonged.

Your own destinies
We oversee; we do not control the unfolding of what is predestined for planet Earth. You are the controllers of your own destinies. Each one of you holds a key to unlocking the doorway to the universal God consciousness connection. Your creation energy holds the form of the key.

Community love will develop between those of you who are committed and energetically ready to move onto this path. Perfection is not required. The only necessity is that your human aspect needs to play an essential role in the makeup of your community base. The nurturing of your human part must be taken into account as you progress and build your community. Success is measured by the group’s ability and willingness to embrace their own human vulnerability, with an open acceptance of the idiosyncrasies of others in your community group — simultaneously honoring the unique gifts that each member brings to the community.

An ongoing open forum is needed to discuss the human vulnerabilities within each individual community. This will allow change and understanding to take place with each other. You do not want to defend your human expressions of vulnerability; instead, compassion and openness are needed to support each other.

Great change
This is a time of great change on your planet, and you are the instigator for this change. As you join with others and form these communities, you are held by the Higher Realms in love. We will guide when asked, however, we cannot interfere within the group process. Through the forging of this Higher Realm multidimensional light, you will be enlightened to Truth. Through this new design, revelations will be imparted for you to successfully form partnerships based on love within your individual community base.

You are to move forward within these formations of community, step by step gradually building the love between your hearts — understanding that there can be a leading team within your community, without an established hierarchy. This means there is equality between each one of you within the complete group. There are to be no smaller/sub groups set up within the community that excludes others. The ego mind will move towards this old way of structure, however there is no room for this action of separation. Love is the key that each one of you holds clearly within your heart structure, and through this love all things will flourish.

Love contains strength, truth and fluidity. Love demands respect and an honoring of Truth. Love will not tolerate separation, which sometimes presents itself as trying to be perfect and then moves into judging one’s self and others.

You hold within your heart a container that carries the significance of this pure, loving element. Through the collective heart of your community, you will build and resurrect yourselves on planet Earth. You will establish this essence of love for all of humanity, which can be likened as a “blueprint” for others to emulate within their own heart when they are ready.

Process to connect to the Pulses, entering the Pathway
Take this moment right now to begin this returning home. The light design within your heart is fluid, open and pulsing. Bring your awareness to your heart. You do this by simply placing the palms of your hands on your chest. This is your pathway to that multidimensional heart flow.

These are the steps:

  • Feel the connection of your hands on your chest by bringing your awareness into that meeting point of your chest and hands. Claim your heart with your breath, placing your breath, like a soft wind, into the space, the opening. Move into the thought, “This is my heart.” Just let go into that Truth. Breathe and let go. Keep letting go, claiming this Truth, moving into the fluidity, into your own experience. Don’t look for anything to happen. Just Be with your heart. Keep letting go.
  • Bring in this sacred sound, that moves you through the doorway, ASTEN EEE. Keep bringing the sound into your heart, as it connects you to the light pulses, moves you through the doorway onto your path.
  • Breathe and let go. Remember: letting go allows you to align through the doorway to the new path.

This is an essential step for each one of you, because no matter how far along your path you are, this process is necessary for you now. Ask yourself, “How much am I willing to receive what is held within this unfolding light design on my path?” There is no greater action at this time than to engage with this simple process, beginning a revolutionary process within you.

Each member of your group (remember, communities are 2 or more people gathered together) needs to be committed to this process in order to fully participate in the community building and deepening your communion potential. Individuals must be aligned to the vastness of their own heart design, which carries this fluid light element of Love.

Love is the essential ingredient to your community communion process of sacred connection. Love is the base from which your community will flourish. Love holds the imperfection of your humanness.

Let us look at the community building process. This will support you in fully utilizing the individual sacred gifts that each member brings to the collective within this new path. We bring a holographic energetic sound to your community enabling the changes to be imprinted through the light of your hearts. This imprint will open doorways within your community, enabling you as a group to flow in an expansive synchronized way.

This is the process: Sit in a circle. Hold your hearts. Use the sound, AE STENHAH. Feel the group energy begin to form within the circle. Keep breathing and letting go. Feel the unfolding of your hearts connecting together.

We continue to witness and hold you all in love as you unfold. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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