Our Emotional Body: Cleaning out Destructive Patterns to promote Growth


So often we work to create the life we want, and we continue to get results that are less than what we desire, less than what we deserve. When we’re looking to move from one thing — an unserving thought, old story, limiting belief — to another, it is important to consider our vibrational alignment to what we’re desiring.

We’ve been led somewhat astray by the concept that all we need to do is think happy thoughts and feel happy feelings to create our desires, but it takes more than that. To align to our desires, to feel better and think better, to create our desires and the life we want through ease, we must address the deeper aspects of what is holding our vibration in limitation: our emotional body.

Our emotional body is the space that sets our primary vibrational state. No matter how you train yourself to think positive and send happy feelings into the world, you will always be limited in what you attract — if there are stories of lack within the emotional body. You see, every moment of our life is held somewhere within our unconscious mind.

Candice Pert revealed more than 30 years ago that our body is our unconscious mind. Everything is stored within our body. Our emotional body bases the magnitude of its value on what is stored in our body, how we feel about it, whether it fits with similar stories inside of us, and how much energy space is used up, based on our emotional attachment to the situation at the time it occurred. What is our ability to “cope?” How traumatic was the event, and how well did our unconscious and conscious mind process the situation at the moment it occurred?

There are many different ways to work with the emotional body and the stories it holds. In shamanism, we conduct soul retrievals to reconnect those aspects of ourselves to the whole in order to regain the resources that were lost during trauma, and to bring healing to the soul and the person we’re working with.

Trauma can be anything — seemingly minor situations when someone made fun of you, an adult who was disapproving at a particular time in life, even the alarm clock that scared you out of your sleep. Let’s be clear, trauma is largely established by the emotional body — not necessarily what you remember taking place, or whether or not you believe you were hurt by someone or something. Trauma exists on many levels, and it takes on a million different situations and forms.

It would never be my intention to diminish someone’s experience. I’m simply saying that what the unconscious mind and emotional body hold as traumatic can vary greatly.

I work through visualization, and a multitude of other modalities and techniques with the “inner child” or other previous versions of oneself, to facilitate healing of the emotional body. When we heal the emotional body, we empower ourselves within who we are now, and we facilitate a much greater level of ability in ourselves to work more constructively with situations in our lives.

Our vibrational quality rises as these old, unserving emotions are released and healed. Suddenly, we have clarity about what we truly desire in our lives — and our ability to create it happens so much easier than before. My clients are continually amazed at the level of ease life can truly take on when they are willing and able to do their deeper emotional body healing.

I, personally, have experienced this very same thing. When I really focused on healing my emotional body, I began to attract specifically what I was wanting into my life, and it felt as though I wasn’t doing anything!

Spirit wants us to create with ease, and it desires that we experience ourselves as a gift in this physical world. In this new year, and new time, we are asked to heal ourselves more deeply, with more consciousness and purpose, so that we are able to grow into the greatness of our Light and what we each uniquely bring to this world.

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Anne Brady-Cronin
Anne Brady-Cronin is a psychic coach, facilitator, healer, speaker, medium, shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher, bodyworker, life and business coach, hypnotherapist, PSYCH K practitioner and more. To contact her, visit annebradycronin.com, email [email protected], or call 320.250.9402.


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