The Astral Body: Mastering our Emotions in the Age of Aquarius


In this lower dimension of ourselves, we have four different and interpenetrating bodies: physical, emotional (astral), mental and etheric. These are symbolized in the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. In this article we will focus on the emotional or water body.

Three quarters of our Earth is covered in water. This tells us that mastering our emotions is one of our main assignments on this planet. We know how the moon affects the tides of the oceans and seas. It also has a major effect on our emotional bodies. Police and psyche wards know there is more activity during the full moon (luna-tics). Women also are aware of fluctuations in moods with their monthly cycle, with emotions often harder to manage during menstruation.

With a strong mental body, we say that someone is intelligent. In the astral body, what we are looking for is emotional intelligence. Many people put a lot of energy into filling their minds with information, doing spiritual work, exercising their bodies, but they can still be emotionally retarded. When we let go of emotional stress, laugh at adversity, forgive easily, have compassion for others, and don’t try to control everything, then we know that our astral body is becoming healthy.

We know that in our physical bodies there can be many kinds of infections, such as parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus. The astral body can hide many types of entities that consume our negative emotions and are happy when we feed them — anger, anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, etc. Sometimes you will see these in dreams (travel in our astral bodies) as snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc. Also, past traumas can lurk in our feeling body and erupt when facing situations or people that remind us of these traumas.

There are things you can do to heal the emotional water body. Physical exercise is one key, along with more energetic exercises like yoga, qi gong, tai chi or martial arts. When meditating, try to see your emotional body like a body of water. Imagine it becoming less choppy and more like a still calm sea, reflecting the light of the moon or sun in peace. You can visualize light filling the energy field around you, especially the lower chakras, clearing out entities and trauma. See white light for purification, violet for transformation, blue for protection, pink for love and forgiveness.

When you have more peace and mastery over your emotional body, others will notice. They will want to be around you to feel that love and compassion and peace. Things that used to bother you will be allowed to flow over and around you without disturbing your harmony.

When your astral body becomes an outpost for divine love, you are doing your part to cleanse the entire emotional plane, where the emotions of the whole planet reside. Like the polluted water on the planet, the astral plane is polluted and seems like a hell. But as the Aquarian Age develops, we will cleanse the emotional plane around us.

This is the most important work we can do to truly bring peace on Earth.


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