The Beauty Prophet


I am a master work of art in motion;
A simple, elegant animation
Of form and function.
Connoisseurs of striking beauty
Savor the perpetual grace
And refined appearance
Of my human canvas.
Though no painter’s palette can replicate
The perfect splendor of my being,
Your own being conveys it
Whenever beholding my fluid form,
Reflecting the masterpiece back into me.

How am I to suitably honor
Your divine and remarkable gift?
I practice
And strive
To make my every action
More sacred than the last,
To regard my body as a temple,
And to believe the universal truth:
That my presence is hallowed.
I fall down,
But I get up
Propelled by your projection,
Until I become your viewpoint.
My beauty is the reciprocation.
I am the master work of the beauty in you.

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Mindy Schulke
Mindy Schulke is a software engineer, a yogi, and a vegan. Contact her at [email protected].


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