The Spoon


In 2016, in Big Lake, Minn., I was looking through a box of swimming pool chemicals in my brother’s home. I moved things around and took out what was not for the pool. I reached into the bottom of the box because I saw something gold and shiny, which looked impossible to be there. I almost fainted, almost died on the spot! On the bottom, in spider webs, was a spoon I had not seen in 47 years — and it was not even tarnished or dusty.

This is the history of “The Spoon.”

When I married in 1969 in Gresham, Ore., my ex-husband Vic wanted to try the Mormon religion. So I became the librarian in the temple after we were baptized. I met a lovely young woman when I was the librarian. She was just married and I thought I had some items she could use in her new home. I began sorting through my things and set some aside for her.

Vic had an elderly friend who owned a pawn shop, and his friend had told him, “If I die, you need to come in and take what you want, because my family will take it all,” (he seemed to have issues with his family). So time passed and this older man died. Vic brought home many things, but he beamed as he gave me a large mahogany box. I opened what seemed to be storage for silverware. Inside I found a 12-place setting which shined like gold and had mahogany insets in the handles. I thought that they were very lovely; I was so excited to look at it all. Then I noticed something odd.

“Oh Vic, look, a spoon is missing.” He was disappointed because he wanted this to be a perfect gift for me. I told him we could use it for parties. What fun!

It came time for me to give my new friend what I had saved for her. I thought, she does not have much — maybe she could use this fancy silverware. I told Vic what I wanted to do and he said it was fine with him. So off it went to her in its velvet-lined box. I was hesitant to give it to her because I knew that these sorts of things were not of the Mormon religion — they were from Thailand and included symbols representing a different religion. I told her that maybe she could sell them and get some extra dollars. I showed her that there was a spoon missing, but she was not too concerned.

So, 47 years later, 1,683 miles away, I found that lost spoon. For 47 years, that spoon was in the angelic realms. The first thing I thought was that Vic was contacting me from heaven. When I look back at the situation now, it seemed so unusual for fate and the angels to have removed that one spoon from that silverware box, only to have it presented to me in 2016. Tell me there is no plan in the Universe for miracles!

You see, little things do matter. Be aware of the stream of consciousness that runs through the Universe and brings these miraculous results. This truly is the I Am energy in action. Every moment builds your future on a chain of connection into the future. Giving away that beautiful set to help that young woman opened the door to abundance in a way I am just now understanding.


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