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Monthly Archives: March 2017


How a Naval Commanding Officer became a Messenger of Hope: An Interview with Medium...

It's when the unexpected happens that we learn the most about ourselves. That was no different for Suzanne Giesemann, a retired U.S. Navy Commander...

Grounding: Why We Need It

First of a 3-part series Grounding is a word and a concept that gets bandied about in yoga, Pilates, exercise programs, consciousness trainings and spiritual...

How Advanced Technology can affect our Consciousness

While smart phones and social media allow us to expand our connection to others across the globe, they also split our focus and disrupt...

Heavenly Rain with Rolling Thunder

An excerpt from The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder (Bear & Co.) by Sidian Morning Star Jones and Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. It had not rained...

Healer Russell FourEagles returns to the Cities for March Workshop

Noted shamanic healer and author Russell FourEagles of Wisconsin will lead a workshop on Original Medicine from 2-6 p.m. Saturday, March 25, in the...

Tarot Artist Anna-Marie Ferguson to speak on her Art

Artist, author and tarot designer Anna-Marie Ferguson will lead a workshop from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Monday, March 13, at Church of St. Francis, 3201 Pleasant...

Dr. Malidoma Somé returns in April to offer Divinations

Malidoma Patrice Somé, Ph.D., a West African Elder, world-renowned author, teacher, speaker and diviner, returns to the Twin Cities on April 7-9 to offer...

New Book studies Linguisting Patterns of the Dying

A person's last words often take on an eerie significance, giving tantalizing clues about the ultimate fate of the human soul. Until recently, however,...

From the Heart: Who sent the Ants?

Some friends of mine decided to sell their house, and they found a buyer. On the day before the sale was to close, they...

A Pleiadian Message: Humanity’s Awakening to Truth

Beloved ones, we greet you. You are being called to open up consciously to the bigger picture that exists in the reality outside of...

Food First: A Quick, go-to Bean Dish for Protein, Fiber

Are you looking for some new inspiration for dinner? This is a simple, quick, go-to recipe that works great as a main dish or...

Emergent Light: The World of Meaning

To live a meaningful life is to participate in the consciousness of the soul. When inwardly touched, a sense of soulful purpose is realized...

Mercurial Messages through the Zodiac: March Horoscope — Melting Ice

Fire and ice -- throughout March, melting snow creates sloppy conditions and a changing, moody world can leave us on uncertain footing. As the...

Spirit Leaves: Creative Confluence

The ocean tide of personal energy ebbs and flows. When the waves crest upward successively, all is well in our world. We fill with...

Emptying the Old, Welcoming the New

Our life is a collection of transitions from one state to other. Birth and death are major transitions. During death, we transit from the...

Your Bucket List for 2017

It's always time to put passion into your life. If you're feeling a little less motivated than you'd like to be or you'd just...

In These Times: Books to keep your Light Shining

I have been a voracious reader ever since my mother put me to bed with Raggedy Ann stories. I learned to use books as...