A Pleiadian Message: Humanity’s Awakening to Truth


Beloved ones, we greet you. You are being called to open up consciously to the bigger picture that exists in the reality outside of the 3rd dimensional restraints that are on your Earth plane. And you’re being called to open your awareness outside the limitation of planet Earth to where there is the existence of a limitless experience within the Universal realms.

Within the collective consciousness higher realms, where you also reside, you are being summoned to align more fully into your place, which is in a space of creation, held and anchored by your Higher Self. This energetic setting is called “the home space,” and this is where each one of you naturally resides. This can be likened to a jigsaw piece in a puzzle. Each one of you have own your unique frequency place within the puzzle.

Alongside the full Universal Community, we are committed in supporting your individual energetic transition so that you can consciously open up to take your full place within the collective energies within your resident Universe. We hold an energetic space, like an open doorway, to enable you to begin to consciously realign to a higher dimensional aspect of Self so that you can begin to channel this Higher Self energy through your heart and anchor it within your world.

Consciously engage
Many changes are taking place on your Earth plane. You are being called to open up and begin to consciously engage and align to your own expanded multidimensional form that has always existed in your place within the Universal realms. This conscious choice action by you will support your planet in this time of transition.

Humanity has a huge role to play in this final transformation of the Earth plane. In truth, mankind’s conscious choice actions ultimately will complete the self-realization of your entire civilization. By embarking on a conscious reconnection to your place within the higher realms, you will be able to accelerate your awakening to another self-realized potential. This action of opening up and accepting this reality of your Higher Self connection will allow you to move into alignment with the new flow that has been opening up and is operating on the planet.

This completion phase that is to take place on Earth is closer than you realize. Remember, in just one moment in time humanity can awaken to Truth. When the dimensional settings are complete, humanity will simply awaken, like from a dream. A full remembering process will be activated within all individuals, and in that one moment all that “you are in reality” will be revealed. The veils of illusion will simply lift at that time!

Energy of home
What is important at this juncture of your evolution is to first understand, and then to open up consciously to the energy of Home, which does currently exist. Your unique divine frequency signature is anchored beyond the Earth plane, and is held within the collective consciousness realms. Your multidimensional aspect of Self holds a strong, steady anchor to enable you to fulfill your mission here on Earth. This sacred aspect of you is now actively engaged through your heart center. It is working through a higher dimensional setting that exists beyond the ego mind, so it has no earthly limitations and restrictions. This Truth needs to be fully accepted and directly experienced by you.

You have been anchored and held by your own sacred connection to your Higher Self. This has created a strong catalyst, enabling you to fully play out this 3rd dimensional experience as a human being, and you have begun a transcending process into a deeper awareness of your higher existence. Through this connection, you have been enabled to take the steps to moving back on your sacred path, and slowly recognize aspects of your spiritual nature. You have emerged through the veils of illusion and experienced moments of remembering aspects of the Sacred that you are in Truth.

Awakening process
Through your whole awakening process, you begin by glimpsing a moment of Truth, which resides beyond this illusion here on your Earth. Then you embark upon a deeper awakening into the unlimited multidimensional realms that link you into your unlimited creation potential that exists as a natural aspect of you. These step-by-step reconnections will allow you to begin drawing from the Higher Self to work through your own natural creation element. This element channels through your heart center from your higher realm energy of Self and will allow you to experience deeper moments of your sacredness.

Every one of you has an innate guidance through your Higher Self through these higher dimensional openings. You may not be fully aware of the full existence of this guidance. At first it may feel like “a knowing” or that something simply feels “right.” The more you act on this “feeling or sense,” the more deeply you will experience this communication.

Your inner guidance is being accelerated now. This has been made possible through the expansion of multidimensional light that is constantly being anchored on deepening and more expanded levels throughout the planet this month of March. An aspect of the plan is to allow this accelerated unfolding and deepening reconnection to Self.

New dawning
Remember: this is the time of the “new dawning” activations. The sun rises each morning, heralding in this happening. The sun’s rays carry this new potency, a frequency of love consciousness that expands out to all life force, rippling across the planet. Held within this life force energy is the declaration of Truth. This essence is carried within the rising light, which emanates outwards and interlaces within your heart, bringing waves, layers of new consciousness within you and moving outwards across the planet.

This refined energy, which is flowing in layers daily, holds the imprint of awakening for the planet. Know that this “happening” has been pre-ordained. This is a sacred event of creating monumental transformation for the planet and for the entire Universe. There is a new vision for the Earth plane, and each one of you is playing a pivotal role in fulfilling this vision. In reality, you each hold an aspect of this energetic vision within your hearts.

The new heartbeat/pulse that was activated at the time of the New Year has been instrumental in birthing a frequency current that is carrying the essence of this vision of renewal and resurrection. This energy is currently being activated throughout your world and each one of you has been energetically aligned to the flow of this current within your heart cells.

There is a nutritional component held within this flow as it connects through your heart, deepening the alignment to your Higher Self. This nutritional aspect carries the energy of a deep self-fulfillment and quality of self-love. This action opens the door for you to consciously access another level of alignment within your Home space.

This opening within you is going to allow you to participate more deeply in forming new community groups. Each member of the group will be able to anchor a more complete aspect of their unique divine essence that will form a strong communion base and bond between you. This communion energy will enable the community group to hold a platform of the completed vision creating an energetic mirror for all humanity.

Collective mission
Each one of you has come to the Earth plane to fulfill a mission, a collective mission. Know that it was a great gift to have chosen to be here during this transitional time of the “new dawning.” Each individual is having their own experience that they have personally orchestrated to play out their part of this full design. One role is not more important than another. Each role is uniquely played and equally contributes to the whole.

We are here to bring to your awareness the essential role that you are to play on the planet during this period of great diversity and upheaval. This time frame brings a great challenge within your human communities. Understand that humanity will rise up and meet what has to be resolved in the moment. This is part of your destiny.

People will come together and move into a different rhythm of connection because of the diversity that is currently playing out on the planet. Much will unfold through common goals set between individuals and formed groups coming together. Many new bonds are to be initiated with others, and new understandings of this time will be reached and forged by the energy of Truth. It is imperative to remain fluid in your thought patterns, opening into a willingness to play your role simply by letting go. Choose not to move into any fixed ideas or opinions, only to remain open and fluid.

Celebrating differences
There needs to be a celebration of the differences between diverse groups to allow a coming together of the full community design. It is the time for this change, which can be accomplished by working together as a collective group. As you open up and let go, you will move into a full understanding of the importance of what these differences can bring and create within your community design. Through the drama and upheaval taking place in your world, these shifts in consciousness within humanity will continue to take place. Hold this knowingness within your heart that these shifting patterns are to be a vital and necessary dynamic of the new communities. With all birth there is intensity, and then peace and calm can follow.

We have said many times: expect the unexpected. We have told you that there will be an intensifying of the drama. We have talked about the necessity for a breaking down of the old patterns and the outworn systems of control and corruption on your Earth plane. There is a strong need for change on a grand scale within your society. There is going to be an ongoing shattering of the many old patterns that have been held and anchored strongly for lifetimes. You are in the middle of a huge change, and one of the stages of change is chaos.

Simply witness
You are being called to simply witness and Be, while holding a clear light around what is unfolding right in front of you in your world. There is a need to bring forth a balance of the light onto the planet to offset this deep, penetrating separation element, which is playing out on your Earth plane. We hold a stable space for you during this transitional step. We invite you to stand alongside us and also hold this space for all humanity at this time.

All you need to do to fulfill your role is to move within the stillness of your heart, to be in the moment and let go. It is essential not to get ahead of the story, don’t let your ego mind run with a story. Simply be in the moment, opening up to what is right in front of you, knowing all is in hand. Trusting, even though your ego mind is in a state of “not understanding,” fear and confusion.

This time is about reaching inside to your heart to align to your Higher Self connections and to utilize the collective alignments that do exist within the Universal Community. As you meet these sacred truths that exist beyond this illusion, you will be able to source and operate within this Truth.

Aligning through this Truth will assist you in moving beyond the current drama and staying within the stillness. Know there will be a continuing drama that is going to unfold, and this aspect of the illusion cannot impact that which is sacred within you. It is essential at this time to breathe, witness the drama and let go. Choose the sacred connections within your heart, be in the stillness that resides within and open into the significant magic of your multidimensional being.

We witness and hold you as you birth. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


  1. This is fascinating. I had the chance to physically meet Pleidians twice and have heard from them numerous times since then. The one time, I was with two other people, trekking through mountains and there they were. The second time I was at an event and everybody had gone home, and there were 4 of us left. We heard a noise, went to investigate it and again there were the two Pleidians I had met previously. This time 3 of us saw them. Their message at that time, and since then is similar to what you are conveying but not 100%. The Pleidians who have communicated and continue to do so, are telling me way more than you are letting the people of this planet know. I’d be happy to fill you in. It is great that you are attempting to inform others, but you need to stick to the REAL message.


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