Awakening in Spirit


Many light workers and others offer support in the awakening process, guided by their spiritual guides, angels, the Source and Earth energies to help those who are seeking fulfillment. Whether you have chosen to work with someone, or are thinking of choosing someone, it is essential that they help you heal your inner self and raise your vibration by way of Source energy.

We have descended from the Source and naturally desire to reconnect to it. Some people may not realize this is what they are feeling, only noticing a sense of unrest, knowing that there is more for them and their life.

Seeking a connection with Source, Creator or God has its roots in ancient practices that stem from Egypt, Tibet and India. Those seeking such a connection have known that what is needed is an inner connection. Only then can you receive the energy of love that vibrates with your inner self and have the communication with Source. It was also known that achieving this requires an understanding of the lessons of each chakra by recognizing and releasing the fears we have been born into, and those we have learned from society. Through this process, you can gain the divine wisdom that is your right, which results in a freedom of knowing yourself.

What does this mean for you? It means that you no longer will make decisions based on the fear of being judged by others, or the need to have the newest and best to measure up. It means you will be making decisions from your heart. That gives you freedom, and it removes all the stress based on illusions from fear.

Living from the heart is what we are to learn here on Earth, and in this process, we realize our true self. Love is the basis of living in the Spirit of Source. Love is attained by forgiving yourself and others, ridding yourself of those heavy emotions that you have carried throughout your lifetime. It gives you the true freedom of being comfortable in your own skin — and the inner feeling of satisfaction and peace.

The awakening process is absolutely a personal thing, but those of us going through it also are gathering together based on our shared desire to help others. Apathy is no longer a way of life: living in the now is. Only then can you truly gain compassion and empathy for others.

Once you have gone through this process, you experience living in a higher vibration of truth, love and kindness. This vibration through Spirit energizes us to act with this love, for the good of all. You realize who you are, and why you are here at this time — the time of the awakening — and desire to see each other as souls in transition and to live by your heart in love towards all.

Living with love towards all does not mean that you have an obligation to love everyone. It means that you reach out to those whom you feel guided to help, and you help them without judgment, in kindness. Each of us has a reason to be here now, we have a calling to serve in the way we are guided. Listen to your heart and intuition — and you will find your direction.

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Dagney Kvamme Walters
Dagney Kvamme Walters is connected to Archangel Metatron. She is the podcast host of “The Edge presents Angels – Messengers of Light,” and she offers Angel messages and writes guided articles. She is a spiritual mentor, and a Healing in Spirit healer and educator at


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