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Do you ever find yourself stuck doing the same old things, day in day out, and long for something that lights you up? You are not alone.

In this age of distraction and busyness, we have so many activities going on that we often don’t stop to ask ourselves what it is that we really want. We keep doing what we have always done because it is easier than asking the tough questions or making changes. Eventually the soul gets so uncomfortable with the same-old that it starts to nudge us toward something better. Those feelings of discontent, restlessness and emptiness are all signs that your soul wants more. It wants you to find what makes your soul sing, your passion!

Connecting with your soul through healing work or meditation can be very helpful in identifying what your soul is looking for. How do you do this?

Close your eyes. Imagine the very center of you, and follow this center down through your legs and feet into the Earth. Allow the Earth energy to ground you and also bring you more light up to the center of your body. Then allow the energy to continue upward through the top of your head connecting you to the Divine (whatever terms you prefer) and bringing Divine light back down through your crown to that center again. Now this center is shining brightly. This is where your soul lives. Connected to above and below, it is the center of your being. Practice connecting here and get used to what this sensation feels like for you. What does it feel like when you are connected to your soul? Ask questions and sense the answer. What does it feel like when your soul is saying yes? What does it feel like when it is not in alignment, or when it is saying no?

Practice connecting with your soul by asking simple questions, like “Is this cake good for me to eat?” Feel if your soul is saying yes or no. If deciding between two choices (going for a walk, or watching TV) ask one at a time and discern which one feels in alignment and brings you peace, and which ones brings more tension or anxiety. When you get confident in understanding the answers you are receiving, you can use this to ask tougher questions about your life and your direction.

While connected to your soul, you may receive images, messages or ideas that can guide you to your next step. Synchronistic events start to happen — maybe you feel drawn to harp music, have the idea that you’d like to learn to play the harp, then the next day meet someone who gives harp lessons. Pay attention to all of these opportunities that start to line up for you. You always have the choice whether or not to act on them, but your soul is helping you out by providing these options.

In trying out some of these ideas or inspirations, you will find some that are just for fun, interesting to try once, but there might be something you discover that really lights you up. This is the ultimate goal, to find what ignites your passion and let your soul soar.

When you are in alignment with your soul and living your passions, anything is possible. Miracles happen!

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Kris Groth
Kris Groth is a spiritual mentor, energy healer and bestselling author of “Soul-iloquy: A Novel of Healing, Soul Connection & Passion” and the newly released “Soul-iloquy Companion Journal: A Conversation with your Soul.” She is dedicated to helping people connect more deeply to their own truth, to promote healing and restore balance to the body, heart, mind and soul, and live a soul-connected life. She offers healing and mentoring sessions, classes and meditations. Visit


  1. I love this article . Now I understand why Eckart tolle calls that part of us the womb of all creation. Our ultimate goal is to be at peace at all time, and that can be achieved when we are in alignment with our soul.


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