Grounding: Why We Need It


First of a 3-part series

Grounding is a word and a concept that gets bandied about in yoga, Pilates, exercise programs, consciousness trainings and spiritual programs, but what is grounding?

The definition of grounding I was trained and have taught for close to 35 years is this: Grounding is our connection to and with the Earth. It is the energy streaming from the Earth into our bodies, particularly our feet, legs and into our lower chakras. This Earth energy is there by “right of body.” It is an energy we all use whether we know it or not, and we have access to it whenever we want: it can be increased at will.

Why would we want to increase grounding energy? When we are grounded to the Earth, the grounding actually allows our souls to come in closer to our bodies or physical fields. We can then access our own solutions to problems we face. It brings up our own life force for creating and manifesting what we want. Most of all, it allows us to be in ownership. When we are truly grounded, we cannot be knocked off balance on any level: physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically or spiritually.

This, however, is not a one-way street. In exchange for this abundance of unlimited energy, we each have a contract to give back to the Earth in our own particular fashion. We give back in song, dance, art, growing things, tending children, speaking, writing, loving — in short, demonstrating our affinity with the Earth. And the Earth gives this life force energy back to us, nourishing our bodies and meeting our Soul energy in our hearts.

Learning to ground
From the time they are born, children have grounding energy, but they learn how to ground themselves — or not — from their parents and the adults around them until, ideally, around the ages of 5 to 7. In our culture, it may take much longer. If we are not taught well how to ground, we will seek others to ground us, what is referred to as seeking a “stable datum.” Someone else is looked upon to provide the grounding energy we do not believe we have access to. That doesn’t work — not for the person seeking grounding and not the grounded person who’s own grounding is then interfered with. Much of this happens on an unconscious level but, conscious or not, it happens.

The great good news is that we can learn to ground ourselves at any time, in any place, at any age and in any physical condition. It requires intent and a willingness to practice daily — sometimes hourly, if it is a stressful time, in the beginning. In these days, with the world news being what it is and worries for our safety, finances,health and well-being, grounding can offer a sense of calm and ownership within ourselves. All it requires is intent, and a few minutes.

Grounding practice
Find a quiet place to sit with your feet on the floor when you know you will not be interrupted. Breathe gently and release your grounding cord from the base of your spine, allowing it to go through the chair you are sitting in, through the structure and substructure of the building you are in, allowing it to pass freely through the crust of the Earth.

Take it down through the granite layer, the first fire layer, the conglomerate layer, the second fire layer and hook it securely into the core of the Earth. Invite the Earth energy, by right of body, to come up from the core of the Earth in through your feet, your ankles, your knees, your thighs and into the base of your spine. Let it mingle with the energy already present from the day. Then run the energy back down as you invite more energy to immediately come up all the way into the base of your spine once again.

A continuous loop of grounding energy then flows between the core of the Earth and the base of your spine. That’s all it takes. You can check in throughout the day to see if that energy is still flowing and if not, repeat this practice.

Some people feel sensations as the grounding is happening, others don’t. As you continue to practice with intent, your body will begin to drop into its own grounding rather than the body-mind pulling you up and out of your grounding when something overwhelms you. In addition, you will be more present to yourself. If there is something challenging you, take a few more additional moments to ask yourself for solutions to it and stay present, and your solutions will begin to come in.

As you use the information you receive, you will bring more in. The more you bring in and use the more ownership you have in your space, the more grounded you will be.

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Patrice Connelly
Patrice Connelly has worked in the Twin Cities as a Practical Visionary for 35 years teaching an Intuitive Development Course, through private readings and through one on one sessions integrating Soul, Mind and Body. Working with the tools of grounding, Spirituality, creativity and humor, each person's experience is tailored for their individual requirements. She is the founder of Quest-Fields, Inc., and has been its director since its inception in 1984. Contact her through at or [email protected].


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