Have Compassion for They do not Know — A Treatise on Wisdom


Have compassion;

For they live in the body,
and whoever lives in
the body will
become angry
at its constraints, at
its hinges and at
its locks and keys —

Have compassion;

The suffering of
the wandering ones
lost without a home,
quick to temper,
certain to blame,
because they have
forgotten their true
name and the name
of their brother —

Have compassion;

To the plight
of captured wind
in a glass vase,
easy to break,
fragile to touch —
A spirit cannot
the suffering vase
of skin and blood
and organ and bone.

Have compassion;

Because those you hate
live afraid, their fear
greater than yours
believing they are
a sack cut from burlap,
sewn from uncertainty,
they live in the
cave of mind —

“And we have none, ”
says the breath
chaotic, alarmed,
in the land of sorrow —

Have compassion;

The light is all.
Walk as a leaf that
flees its tree —
Live as the seed that
cannot be seen —
Speak as the rock
the Ancient Ones knew
and then you will hear
with compassion
the love of your fellows —

Now go — make Peace your Will.


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