Heart Rocks from my Angels


It was a sunny day last August when I stepped onto the shore of Lake Erie in Western New York and was thinking about “my” angels and spirit guides. I’d come for an intensive week-long class in advanced mediumship in Lily Dale, NY. Although brimming with excitement, I was a bit nervous about some of the challenges I would be taking on.

Prior to my travels I asked my angels, “Is this right? Am I ready? Will you be with me?” They answered during a meditation and enthusiastically promised, “Have fun! Enjoy! We’ll be with you every step of the way, every second of every day!”

Stepping onto the beach strewn with layers of rocks, I was feeling like I wanted assurance that they were indeed with me. A thought popped in my head to ask them for proof by helping me find heart shaped rocks. Something I’d never looked for. This specific request seemed bold, but knowing angels love to have fun, I said, “Let’s play.”

I picked up a few rocks from the surface. None were a clear heart shape or were barely close. I thought to my angels, No, sorry; the shape isn’t defined enough. I could sense them chuckling. I was guided to reverse direction toward a group of other rock hunters and squat down nearby. My angels instructed, “Pick up that little stick and start moving rocks away.” While I did this, I heard from my helpers, “Sometimes you have to dig for the greatest treasures!”

My eyes were drawn to a tiny corner of a rock — less than a quarter inch. I felt nudged to pull it. Suddenly, water ran into the hole, over my fingertips, and rinsed off the surrounding sand and pebbles. Low and behold, there was a nearly perfect heart shaped rock less than an inch in diameter! Stunned, I smiled from ear to ear and heard them say teasingly, “Does this suffice?”

Amazingly, this was followed by more incalculable experiences and rock finds. My angels weren’t done playing. A woman stopped to look at the rock I’d just found. She was thrilled and wanted to take a picture because she posts “heart stuff” on Pinterest! When led to a spot to lay out a towel and sit for a break, I caught site of a white spot on a stone no larger than a cell phone. The spot was a two inch heart someone had scratched or drawn onto the rock!

While sitting on the towel, I absentmindedly ran my hands through the sand and felt a smooth rock the size of a silver dollar. Nudged to pull it out, I saw it had a layered texture and heard, “Put your nail on that layer you’re looking at; gently, peel it back.” I peeled carefully, as if removing the fragile top off an Oreo cookie. A layer no thicker than a leaf came off and I heard, “Look at the shape.” You got it! A nearly perfect heart shape! I was awestruck.

Leaving the beach, my eyes were drawn to a rock I nearly ignored, but heard, “Check out that one.” I gasped as I picked up a six-inch long narrow rock that looked nearly like a perfect heart-shaped exclamation point! What a finish! I laughed with joy. My angels sure showed me!

I’d learned enough in my college statistics courses to know that the probability of all this happening was about 0 in ubergazillion — without help from a higher source, that is. I was completely assured I was surrounded by these celestial beings. I felt so clearly what they often want us to know: believe in yourself, you are one with All That Is, you are unconditionally supported and loved, and we are always with you.

It turned out my angels were right, of course, about the upcoming week of intense training. I was ready. There had been no reason for doubt. It was an incredible week of learning with several milestones, and my abilities were right in sync with fabulous classmates. And, just as my angels had promised, they were with me “every step of the way, every second of every day!”

Note: The full version of this story can be found along with pictures on the new blog, www.GracedBySpirit.com.

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