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Monthly Archives: March 2017


Reigniting Passion in your Life

Two recent events have been passionate for me, yet they evoked very different feelings. In one event, I faced a challenge, struggled and succeeded....

Dreams that Awaken your Soul-fire

I am walking about a mansion, fully lucid (aware that I'm dreaming), just enjoying the very elevated, open energy -- when someone calls to...
eyes closed

Connect with your Soul, find your Passion

Do you ever find yourself stuck doing the same old things, day in day out, and long for something that lights you up? You...

The Car Keys and Chess: A Path to Possibility?

The orchestra plays a symphony, sounding like we are standing on the threshold of possibility manifesting. The camera pans into the window of our...

Reigniting Passion in your Life: How to restore a Vibrant Sense of Possibility

Can the "magic elixir" be found in a deeply loving sense of true appreciation? Maybe so. Humbly and respectfully, I believe we must learn to...

Passion for the Beloved Earth

An excerpt from the anthology Turning Points: Discovering Meaning and Passion in Turbulent Times In the early '70s, in an Earth Science class at Iowa...

Reigniting Passion in Your Life

The holidays are over and the days are chilly and grey. It's easy to slip into meaningless habits and lose the spark in life....

Finding My most Authentic Voice

The other day during my voice lesson, the experience took me to a whole new level. Two years ago when I started working with...

The Passion of the Heart

I came to know in a very profound experiential way that the heart was at the center and source of all true knowledge and...

Nature revives My Spirit

Life leads us many places, good and bad, through daylight and darkness. Each step leads us toward another event that molds us into ourselves....

A Spark of Variety

When we were children, we saw possibility in everything. Every object could be a toy, and everything we saw contained wonder and sparked ideas...

How Meditation brought Me Love in Life

Positive energy is an important part of any lifestyle. With a lack of positive energy comes a lack of joy in the world around...

Awakening in Spirit

Many light workers and others offer support in the awakening process, guided by their spiritual guides, angels, the Source and Earth energies to help...

The Lover and the Beloved

Everything is in the love and the love is everything, So how can we look right or left? "My heart has become capable of every...

Choose Love In Every Moment

If I could share 500 words to inspire, this is the important wisdom I'd want to pass along to others. Your every thought, word and...

You Are Worthy

You are worthy. Do you doubt it? Do old memories cling like cobwebs to the corners of your mind? Do the powerless times of...

Buddha in the Bathtub

"Whatever are you doing?!" Steve is standing in the bathroom doorway, still wearing his bike helmet and gloves. He's just come home from work to...