Past Life Regression for Seasonal Depression


“The storm came on suddenly. We were not prepared. I’m surrounded by a whiteout with blizzard winds. I can no longer see the others in my hunting party. My only option is to seek shelter up against the rock face and pray.” No, this isn’t the opening scene from the latest historical mini-series on PBS. These are the words uttered by a past life regression client in a relaxed, hypnotic state.

Sara (not her real name) suffered from debilitating seasonal affective disorder (SAD) after a job change moved her residence further north. She had tried many of the classic SAD remedies, including a light box, vitamin D, and SSRI medication, all to no avail. She was at her wit’s end, and didn’t want a repeat of the overwhelming symptoms this coming winter.

Sara was interested in hypnotherapy, so we began with body-focused meditations to explore her physical symptoms. As it so often goes, Sara’s subconscious knew exactly what she needed, and she spontaneously went into a past life regression! As she recalled the past-life events of getting caught in a sudden winter storm and subsequently freezing to death, she felt her fear of winter begin to release.

Sara has reported an amazing turnaround this winter. In addition to the past-life clearing, she uses flower essences and a sunrise simulator alarm clock, and she finds it much easier to get outside and stay active.

This case is a fabulous example of how hypnotherapy and past-life regression can shift even seemingly unsolvable problems.

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