Reigniting Passion in Your Life


The holidays are over and the days are chilly and grey. It’s easy to slip into meaningless habits and lose the spark in life. There are many things you can do to feel better and get a smile back on your face. Why spend the day dull and lifeless when you can be cheerful or lighthearted?

Are you aware of what activities drag your energy? Is it the monotony of a routine schedule? Is it extra time spent indoors? Lack of sunshine? Too many demands on your life? Part of reigniting is knowing yourself and what pulls your energy and what gives you energy. Could you make an exercise, eating or lifestyle change to bring energy back into your body? Could you go out of your way to do something special or unexpected for someone else to bring a smile to his or her face? Is there a way that you can become more mindful of something that is important in your life?

There is a secret to happiness. It’s not money or luck. It sounds complicated at first, but once you learn, it becomes easy. The secret is to organize your inner world. How you feel and how you train your mind to think and feel is a major indicator of happiness. It’s not just “being positive.”

Here are some tips to do just that:

  • Write or think of five things you are grateful or thankful for each day, every day. Can’t think of anything? If you lost five things from your life and it would impact your routine in an uncomfortable way, this is the beginning of the list.
  • If you had to sit or lay for one hour with nothing to distract you, where would your thoughts wander? These are your current areas of concern and you may need to make a mental or physical adjustment in this area.
  • If something in life doesn’t work out the way you would like or expect, what is your reaction? If it is not an understanding, peaceful or positive reaction, there is happiness work to do.

I’ve coached more than 5,000 people into healthier, happier habits, and the next step is the most important part of a happier life. This is the part where the idea comes into reality:

  • You have to decide on a mental or physical change and consistently make a change to rewrite the old habit or story in your life. One technique happy people use is to find a way to organize the inner mind to make authentic happiness the dominant feeling. The best part is that there is not one way to do it. You can make it happen in any way that works for you. The action you may decide to take is meditation, or non- action, often described as stillness.

What technique will reignite you?

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Melissa Lewis
Melissa Lewis is an author and Spiritual Healing Advisor. She has been a Massage Therapist for over 20 years and has coached for a Top 5 Fortune 500 company. She has overcome incredibly difficult personal situations and it is her calling to share what she has learned about spirituality for the benefit of others. Visit Explore her Facebook page at Theangelwearsprana, and her Intentional Spiritual Community at


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