Reigniting Passion in your Life: How to restore a Vibrant Sense of Possibility


Can the “magic elixir” be found in a deeply loving sense of true appreciation? Maybe so.

Humbly and respectfully, I believe we must learn to better and better act in a healthful spirit of loving selflessness, allowing ourselves the true freedom of alleviating expectations, preset patterns of thinking, hidden agendas and the need for selfish recognition.

It is in the loving and altruistic spirit of true honesty that allows for true happiness — realizing greater and greater mastery in playing the part of the unblemished “witness” to our internal and external environments. It is the right thing for the right sake in selflessly embracing true health, alleviating the pernicious weight of what we may coin as our addictive emotional attachments and also what are most typically viewed as physical vices and attachments. In better and better realization of this healthful spirit, we can avoid getting permanently stuck on stagnant plateaus (not to speak harshly, but not unlike a purgatory/living death).

On one important level of this issue, it is significant to learn to need to genuinely embrace a deep abiding spirit of forgiveness of ourselves and others. If there is a Heaven, if there is a “key to the universe,” if there is a “sixth sense,” they are rooted in true honesty, promoting true happiness and true freedom — but most importantly, needing less and less to hide behind.

It can be a benevolent and selfless glimpse of an existence, so to speak, in which we have no need for attachment to yesterday, today or tomorrow — once again, nothing to hide behind, for all is known.

Here in this existence, in a splendidly healthful spirit, we can live each day, each moment, inspired anew — more and more “present” and embracing of the miracles and blessings of each moment, inclusive of healthful change.

A key to unlock the door to true health, the “magic elixir,” may be found in true appreciation — true appreciation of our best moments and our difficult moments.



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