Reigniting Passion in your Life


Two recent events have been passionate for me, yet they evoked very different feelings. In one event, I faced a challenge, struggled and succeeded. In the other, I’ve striven, over and over, only to feel squashed, useless and helpless, wondering what’s going on.

Passion in our lives is easiest and most productive if we are deeply aligned with our life purpose as seen from the perspective of our soul. As a psychotherapist and a past life therapist, I see how life purposes are just as deep and unique and complex as every person’s life story. Universal main purposes in life inspire us to learn and love. Can our soul perspective show us how we can implement those purposes in ways that are exciting, rewarding and fulfilling?

One way to see from the perspective of our soul and spirit is to look upon all aspects of our life — at every age — with no judgment of self or others, just simple acceptance. And we can align with the energy level of our soul even more if we make a commitment that our every intention and action expresses unconditional love for self and others. With this alignment, we surely can get the soul perspective that will allow us clear and fulfilling purpose and energy to “just do it.” Or can we?

My first example says, “Yes, we can.” I was preparing a presentation of a 1st century Gnostic text, and stories of the birth of Jesus, to be given before Christmas. A beautiful and deeply spiritual topic, it was heartily approved by my spirit guides and supported with helpful synchronicities and channeling. At points it all seemed impossible, but by keeping on in faith, it ultimately worked. Though people struggled to grasp the ideas, everybody was interested and moved, and the presentation felt successful.

Another series of events in my life portrays a somewhat contrasting experience of guidance, passion and purpose. Since I work on donations and clients for my practice on occasion are few and far between, for a few years I’ve been looking for part-time work to provide a reliable income. My guides encourage me to make job applications. Yet, in every case either I don’t get the job or the whole thing falls apart. So I doubt myself. Am I simply to live in faith without a reliable income? Is my therapy and spiritual work to be my sole focus? Can I trust Spirit?

So, I reached out for guidance. Mother Mary told me: “Let us give hope to those who are feeling stuck in their lives. Let us give them an internal access so that they know that they are of infinite value and everything in their lives has meaning. It is not just that which is central for which we strive. Every insignificant event is significant. This life and this world, when we see clearly, inspire us to create anew each day. Every day, every moment, is precious. ”

I can believe what she is saying. The presentation was a sprint. The financial balance is a marathon. And I look further, to former conversations that I had with God.

“We are one, and in our oneness you are beyond limit of any kind. Your limits are only of your own making, only temporary, only chosen consciously with My encouragement and blessing, for the explicit purpose of further creation, further oneness, further unity with all possibilities. These limits are expressions of power and passion and creation. You are divine power in action, divine beauty unfolding, divine purity in motion, divine perfection in process.

“Do not expect simply to meet all events with joy. Enthusiasm for the richness of experience; reaching out in compassion and respect for all around; self-love: these are possible ever-present responses.

“Divine son/daughter, set your intention strong, and I will listen to you. Clarify your purpose, and your purpose is My purpose. I wish for you to be strong and focused and clear, and so I put some obstacles in your way. Be reassured as you meet obstacles that they mean that I love you, and that I respect your strength and determination to overcome them.”

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Jerry Buchmeier
Jerome Buchmeier, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist practicing in Plymouth. He and his wife Carol host group meditations on Sunday mornings at their home. Call 763.546.4133 if you are interested.


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