The Passion of the Heart


I came to know in a very profound experiential way that the heart was at the center and source of all true knowledge and is the direct link to the Creatrix. That it was the wisdom of the heart that created the sacred dance — this embodied heart consciousness — it was the heart that created the beauty of the internal dance and the interplay of the minutest exchanges within the body and mind. Health, in fact the mental health of a person, emanates from the Heart, Kardeeah in Greek. It is the heart that embodies the blueprint for our divine health and sacred connection.

The experience I speak of above awakened the passion of the heart, and in that, there was nothing else. I was no longer the “me” I knew in this lifetime, in this consciousness. There was another consciousness, of the heart, that saw and understood far more — an ecstatic, passionate, joyful consciousness. I knew things I did not know from this lifetime. The conscious mind, full of its thoughts and internal chatter, had shut down. The heart’s voice was all that was heard…was all that spoke…was all that saw. How fundamentally different this heart wisdom is from that of the conscious, waking mind. Control through our will or mind cannot summon this life-changing, mystical experience. It is purely an act of Divine grace.

Much of our current spiritual language and practice revolves around stilling the mind and moving from head to the heart, but what does this really mean? In the early days of my spiritual practice, I did different meditations with hands over my heart and visualizations quieting the mind and entering a place of deep peace within. I felt I was mastering a deep resting in the heart, and to a level I was, but the Great Mystery is just that — a deep and unfathomable mystery. The true heart dwells in that Great Mystery and is just as unfathomable.

As the Great Mystery bestowed its grace upon my heart, I experienced the passionate heart filled with a deep wisdom. In most cases as the love and light/shakti flows through, any unresolved emotions or trauma that dwell there are brought to light. When this occurs, no matter how painful, we need to be receptive, acknowledging and forgiving of ourselves and others as things are brought into the full light of awareness. When the grace of love touches us, most of us will go through turmoil, resistance, and in some cases, grave upheaval. Do not be ashamed or afraid of anything that arises, and I also pray that you don’t turn away from these feelings even if they are painful — for this is a profound gift of healing that has been initiated in your life. Like the great Sufi mystic Rumi says, “The wound is where the light enters you.”

Some spiritual practices seek to control and force this divine energy — known by some as shakti, kundalini or umbilini — up certain pathways seeking to open the heart and crown. However, these methods follow a more patriarchal, controlled methodology. It is really the practice of receptivity, with consistent awareness on any resistance we may have, that is critical in aligning our hearts with the Divine Creatrix. This planet has long been under a patriarchal influence, and some of our spiritual practices have been generated under that influence, but the Divine Creatrix is on the move. Deep heart healing and the fire of a passionate heart is her hallmark. Dance, move, hula and shake to open yourselves up to this beautiful mystery. The ancient bushman of the Kalahari know this secret.

If you find it easier to help others and give extensively of yourself, but cannot receive what is offered to you, then we must look to the heart so it can be healed. As women, mothers, caretakers and healers, we often fall into this pattern. Even some men can exhibit this pattern, but mostly as it pertains to their work environment. We care far more for others or for our jobs than we do ourselves. We do not take time to nurture ourselves, and we are very often resistant to accepting or receiving assistance — and more often than not feel insufficient if we do. If we have been hurt in our past, then we will be resistant to love and will find it difficult to receive.

As I wrote in my article in the February 2017 edition of The Edge, resistance is what occurs when we don’t want to let something in — be it love, light, help, nurturance, a new idea, or even allowing or creating change in our lives to save our lives. We remain stuck, and a passionate life remains elusive.

I encourage you to stick with the healing process of feeling and integrating your difficult life passages. Receptivity is the hallmark and the pathway of the Divine Feminine Creatrix. If the Divine Creatrix has blessed you with this awakening, trust that there is much magic and blessings on the other side of any pain you may be experiencing. The healing and igniting of your passionate heart has begun and your world will never be the same again. The deep magic held in the passionate, ecstatic heart will open heretofore unknown worlds.

Welcome home to the journey of your beautiful, sacred, passionate heart!

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Dr. Patrice (Alethea Sophia)
Dr. Patrice (Alethea Sophia), known also as the Matriarch, is a gifted eco-systemic scholar, healer and mystic who brings a profound connection and alignment with the Divine to all she touches. Gabriel Curell (Mana) is her twin flame partner. Gardeners of the Heart™ is their passionate ministry of service. Contact them at or 612.594.4714.



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