Your Bucket List for 2017


It’s always time to put passion into your life. If you’re feeling a little less motivated than you’d like to be or you’d just like to spruce up your life, here’s some great tips on exactly how to achieve just that.

It doesn’t matter what your age, you could be 20 or you could be 80, you probably have a bucket list that’s incomplete. Why not complete it? Sit down with a clear mind and complete privacy (that does mean unplug) and write out your bucket list. Every morning read your bucket list. You should give yourself a deadline that’s reasonable for your schedule towards completing your goals. Start off by knocking a couple off your list that are quick and easy, because it’ll make you feel productive and give you momentum to conquer the rest.

Always, always, make time for what you consider to be fun and even relaxing. At least once a week make time to hang out with a group of your most fun friends who always support you. Pay attention to when you smile and laugh the most — and put more of that into your schedule. If you are most relaxed gardening, having a glass of wine with a good book or enjoying a warm Epsom salt bath with your favorite CD playing, then make time for that — make time for you. You will feel a lot more positive and you’ll be a lot more likely to get to that bucket list and start feeling that your life is full of optimism, productivity and passion.

Don’t ever look back at what you haven’t achieved or beat yourself up over time lost. That’s so 2016! In 2017 it’s all about living for today, living for you and loving every bit of it. Don’t ever feel guilty if you have to say no to an invitation because you need time for the goals you’ve set for yourself. You owe it to yourself — and you’re no good for anyone else unless you’re happy and your best self. Put yourself first for once and you’ll quickly see how much it pays off.

Now, once you put this magazine down grab a note pad and pen and start bringing full blown passion into your life. Your positive head space will be contagious. You’ll look more forward to each day. 2017 could be your most productive year yet, and it just started!



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