A Pleiadian Message | The Winds of Change are Blowing


Beloved ones, we greet you. Right now, at this very moment in time, you can move into your place of power by reclaiming consciously that which is rightfully yours. The energy of “this moment” carries a sacred timing for a series of energetic blessings to be bestowed upon you. Through your heart, you are able to receive and open into these blessings, which are an aspect of your heritage light.

There have been a series of layered, dimensional light frequencies flowing onto the planet since late February. They carry within them the sacred design to move humanity to another place of consciousness. These energies have been bestowed to humanity at this time to enable each one of you to enter a higher realm of connection to Self through the conscious action of receivership of these blessings.

The winds of change are blowing gently across your planet. At the beginning of this month, expanded dimensional settings have begun to create a vibrant flow of light onto your Earth plane. This flow is designed by nature to build in intensity to support humanity by creating adjustments within the human consciousness. These alignments will bring you into a greater awareness and enlightened understanding of your ultimate role as a human being on the planet. These energies have been set up to create an energetic womb that you can adjust and operate within your heart/Home space more easily to access these blessings.

Space of clarity
These light settings have been crafted to break down the dense cycle of perpetuating the separation on your planet that has been in place for lifetimes. These energies are designed to move you into a more conscious level of actively changing within your human life. You will first be repositioned energetically through the light settings, and then this dimensional movement will take you into a space of clarity. This process can be likened to moving through a doorway into another reality beyond the density, where you enter into a state of being able to let go of illusion. You will find the old armoring within you simply falling away.

This release of old barriers will bring you to an aspect of completion within. With these separating elements no longer in place, you will naturally align to a more complete connection to your Home space, which resides within your heart. The sacred design of this time is to bring to a close the level of separation so there can be a reopening of your heart — so your heart can return to its originally designed role as a natural receiver. This allows you to re-access the sacred aspect of Self and be in full receivership of these blessings that are being bestowed to humanity at this juncture.

Let go of the past
We speak again of the importance of letting go of the past traditions, deep-rooted patterns of behavior and the rituals you have created within your life so that you can move into a more authentic and loving relationship with your human aspect. This will allow yourself to move into a profound space of respect and love for all that you have chosen to experience in this lifetime.

The key to receiving these blessings is the self-acceptance of all aspects of the life you have led, the steps you have taken and all the idiosyncrasies that make up who you are in this moment. This is how you claim your place fully within this changing realm on your Earth plane. Through this conscious choice of self-acceptance of all of your creations, of all experiences in this incarnation, you finally move yourself out of being the victim. You bring yourself back to living and being the creator of your world.

As you choose to move into this Truth, your heart will automatically transform energetically. As you own your creation experience, the cells of your heart link deeper to your channel of the Home space. The heart has been designed as a multidimensional vehicle that has a powerful aspect of receivership. The transformation of your own heart will allow you to become a natural receiving station for all that your heart desires.

Time to flourish
Within these new connections to your heart/Home space you will align to this new multidimensional paradigm, which is currently being reestablished on your planet. This is your time to flourish within this new energetic framework that is anchoring onto the planet. Be well in your intentions, let go and allow your heart to be like a flower, opening up fully to the sun, to the brilliance of Self. This powerful frequency of light carries all the completed aspects of full receivership for you to become within your Heart.

Letting go is a key factor to aligning through these adjustments within you. As these new frequencies flow onto the planet, they bring with them levels of release and liberation for humanity. A constant process of shifting will take place throughout April and all of May.

To support this inner process, you need to consciously choose this action of receivership, opening up into an inner desire of reconnection to that which is a natural part of you. This is the time for the action of reconnection and commitment by you, for you to initiate this process of your completion by anchoring your awareness within your heart/Home space.

Through this specific transitional process there is a destiny link. You have pre-agreed to participate now in the transmutation of your heart cells to link you back into your Home space. Whether you remember this agreement or not is immaterial, for you are on the pathway to Home and nothing will stop this process. We liken this to a roller coaster ride; you cannot get off the ride once it has started!

Unveil the Truth
These further unfolding changes and adjustments within the planet will birth forth a remembering, a deepening of understanding of Self. This time is designed to unveil Truth, bringing insights of the inner dynamics that are operating within you.

You are ready for this change. Energetic adjustments already have been made through your systems to enable you to fully align and utilize this new dimensional phase, which has already begun to support you in this awakening. With this shift in awareness, your whole energetic system will move into a different rhythm, aligning to the pulses of the higher dimensional settings of Self.

Alignment energies
We will be transmitting a series of energies to adjust your energetic field to support these changes within you over the next 12 weeks. There will be an ongoing building of alignment energies moving within you.

This unfolding carries the full energy of a birth and you are going to be entering a deep and powerful conscious process. During this next phase of transformation on your planet, any resistance to this flow will impact all aspects of your life and you will experience an acceleration of the drama. Know that birthing can be intense and uncomfortable, especially if it is resisted. There will be moments of “not knowing,” and moments of “remembering.” Keep letting go and allowing your own unfolding process, whatever form it needs to take. Know that all is in hand as you move into this new and powerful energetic terrain within you and on your planet. We will witness and energetically support you as you birth.

This whole transformation process we speak about is simply “a moment” in our timeframe. We ask you to be willing to step forward now in your space and time on Earth. Only you can make this transition; we cannot do this for you. Humanity must be the ones to liberate themselves through this dimensional shift. This is your journey and your sacred timing. There is something held within your heart cells that recognizes the sacred timeframe that you need to follow. Those of you on the path: carry that element within you of “knowing.” We ask you to step gently, with your awareness, towards your heart and feel the rightness of this moment for change.

Collective groups
There is the necessity for collective groups to be formed to hold a platform between you for this changing frequency to anchor fully. You have the month of April to anchor the dimensional coordinates for this transitional shift to take place. The formation of these coordinates is to be created through the community groups that form in a union. Your collective energetic signatures merging together in communion create the coordinates for the platform. There are many of you who have pre-agreed to play this role of creating these energetic coordinates for humanity.

However things appear on the planet within this third-dimensional illusion at this time, know that this does not truly reflect and does not affect what is taking place within the higher dimensional levels on your Earth plane. The drama will continue to unfold and, simultaneously, Earth will continue to move through a transition beyond the drama. Those of you who are awake need to also move beyond this playing out of drama within your lives. Do not get sidetracked by this denser illusion and energies created by mankind. Witness but do not engage.

Making a difference
From our viewpoint, we see how each one of you individually is making a difference, creating a positive impact to the planet. You are creating an essential balance to the Earth itself and within communities. We understand and witness your seeming hardships. Know that there is a sacred and essential unfolding continuing to take place within you and within the energies of the planet.

You are on track and there will be a successful completion of your missions in this lifetime. Simply stay connected to your heart/Home space and continue to let go within the multidimensional settings of your heart. Do know that through all of your work on the planet, you are ultimately doing this for your own unfolding and transformation. Do not lose sight of the initial goal of Self as you work tirelessly to fulfill your aspect of the mission.

Many energetic beings of light and the full universal community are supporting you. Each one of you is to play an individual role to support the completion of the awakening for the sacred union and awakening on Earth. We await your return to the collective God conscious energy of our collective resident Universe.

You hold the power within your hearts. You carry the imprint of the completion energy within your multidimensional hearts. This journey is an individual and collective one. There is a pulse within this energetic light that is anchoring on the planet that is designed to call many of you together. There is to be no hierarchy among you. The real power is held between you collectively. There is to be a simple honoring of each unique individual and what they contribute to the collective energy between the whole. Together you make the difference for this transition. Know that there will be a building of a pure force of light between you as you forge these pure alliances.

Change is what you have been working towards. Each one of you is playing an individual role, and then you will collectively bring together the correct dynamic energy for this transformation of your Earth.

Choosing to align within your heart/home space:
1. Hold your heart center, both palms resting on chest.
2. Consciously choosing your heart connection.
3. Breathe and let go into your heart. Anchor through your heart into the Earth, like roots of a tree going down into Earth.
4. Claim this place within the Earth, breathe and let go.
5. Now breathe into your heart, use the sound AESTEN. Keep letting go into your heart.

Building your coordinates as a group:
1. Form a circle. Open to your place within the circle and let go.
2. Hold your heart center, this is your Home space.
3. Consciously claim your Heart.
4. Breathe and let go into your heart.
5. Anchor through your heart into the Earth, like roots of a tree going down into Earth.
6. Claim this place within the Earth, breathe and let go.
7. Open to the circle energy and collectively bring forth the sound ENTE ANNN.
8. Build the coordinates together, and let go. Allow a merging of energy between you.

We continue to honor your path. Blessings, The Pleiadians

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.



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