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We have four energy bodies: the etheric body, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. Most of us concentrate on our physical body for health or healing. But if we work with self-healing on our other energy bodies along with healing of our physical body, the results are amazing. Our energy level — and our physical and mental health — rise to a new level.

Self-healing for the etheric body is done by connecting to the Divine and increasing the size of the spiritual cord. Every morning when you first wake, connect to Divine guidance by saying an I AM affirmation that connects you to your higher soul or invoking for Divine guidance throughout each moment of the day. Another way of self-healing for the Etheric Body is daily meditation. Group meditation is more powerful and increases your spiritual cord faster.

Self-healing for the mental body is becoming aware and conscious of what we think, speak and do. The awareness of negative thoughts, words and actions gives us the ability to transform these thoughts, words and actions into positive ones. Transforming our thoughts, words and actions into positive forms clears our thought processes and restores a healthier mindset. We are then able to focus, envision and create at a higher level. Doing the super brain yoga exercise helps us to obtain focus and one-pointed will. Positive affirmations, vision boards, gratitude and forgiveness are daily self-healing exercises for a healthy mindset.

Self-healing for the Emotional Body is releasing and clearing of old patterns and stuck energies. When we have a healthy mindset, then we become aware of old patterns and stuck energies that don’t serve our highest and best good. Learning to clean our emotional energy body will help us to release old patterns and not carry other people’s energy around with us in our energy body.

As we work or go about our day, often we gather other people’s energy into our energy body, and that affects our emotions. It is vital every day to clean our energy body. Soaking in salt and scrubbing with lavender soap is a way to cleanse the energy body. When doing the soak, clean your body first and then soak in tub for 10-20 minutes with one pound of table salt or sea salt and 13 drops of lavender oil. To make the scrub, take two cups of salt and add 10 drops of lavender oil. Clean your body first and rub scrub on your body and rinse. Use lavender and salt soap daily in the shower or bath. Energetically sweeping the body and doing emotional release techniques, such as breath work or yoga, will help clear the emotional body. This enables us to stay centered in our power and to remain calm and balanced.

Self-healing for the physical body includes diet, exercise and rest. It often is recommended to those on a spiritual path to be vegetarians. That is because of the vibrational energy of the food. Greens and raw foods have higher vibrations, supporting and healing the cells. Live green juices like wheatgrass in our daily routine are excellent for the body. Gluten-free will support a healthy digestive system. If we have a hard time being vegetarians, eat chicken and fish, because those vibrational qualities are higher than beef or pork. Watching the vibrational energy of the food we digest is a great self-healing tool.

A regular, daily exercise routine of yoga, breath work, stretching, movement, swimming or just plain exercise is a way to heal the body and help the body stay young. Getting enough rest and not overtaxing or overworking ourselves is extremely important in self-healing. Learning to enjoy life and play reduces the amount of stress in our bodies and keeps our vitals at a normal level. Relaxation helps us vibrate at higher levels and have better health and well-being.

Heal yourself with daily self-healing methods in all four energy bodies and become Whole again. Live, laugh and love.

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Nancy Robinson
Nancy Robinson is a Psychic/Medium and Pranic Healer. She has studied Edgar Casey teachings, Morris Pratt Institute for Pastoral Certification, studied with Rev. B. Anne Gehman in her Spiritualist Church, and she has studied all the Advanced Pranic Healing Classes and practices Arhatic Yoga. She has a center called Spiritual Paths in Minnetonka were she does Readings, Healing, Meditation, Classes, Workshops and Past Life Regressions. Visit Mysticalnancy.com. Contact Nancy at [email protected] or call 703.589.5047.


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