Everyday Tools for Self-Healing: General Attitude to Specific Routines

I am a lazy man. Rigorous discipline is not my thing. Yet, paradoxically, for decades I have felt my dedication to healing run strong. The results have been incredibly fruitful, while the greatest progress has occurred when I respected my apparent limits without fearing them or blindly following their dictates.

Laziness for me, therefore, is not one of the seven deadly sins. Instead, the reluctance to expend energy — or the lack of passion to do so, regardless of what my linear “reason” claims — has evolved into something of a guide in all the nuances of my journey.

The guide informs that any healthy change requires more than just our passive permission. It requires a sense of passion, and it can be quiet and free of any drama at that. This passion establishes positive feedback that changes our reality frame so that it may reinforce our practice, instead of leading to blocks or reasons to derail from it.

We don’t need drama or a high-energy state of enthusiasm. Quiet passion runs deep, and it is powered by not just accepting limitations, but working with them as hidden gifts.

Healing & daily practice
There are many modes of healing to wholeness. Daily consistency is one that I find indispensable. It involves a mindful practice that may not seem to do much in the short run, yet over time we can be amazed at how far we journey using this humble conveyance. From fear and submission to former givens, we can awaken to embrace life from a position of cultivated strength and inspired wisdom.

This is not just a cliché, but something that alters the very fabric of how the mind works and rationalizes when experienced. Everyday routines, with adjustments in method according to need, are weaved naturally with prolonged cultivation. Thus processes of healing are founded on a sense of compassion upon which such gentle, yet powerful, mindful focus is built.

What I do
Specifically, my first act of the day is to honor the quiet time after waking. I prefer to wake up an hour earlier than a given schedule would dictate so I can have this quiet time. Therein, my awareness rests between conscious and subconscious process as if I am balancing on a razor’s edge between them.

Initially, I apply a simple version of Tibetan spinal energy activation practice — to focus and bring up anything that may lurk in the shadows ready to be an issue during the day. It can be disturbing, uncomfortable and entwined with negative thoughts. Yet, I can feel it moving to sink into psychic darkness to rise unpredictably at some later time through unforeseeable provocation. I gently grab this thread in my (tactile) imagination, and I open a connection above my crown to the heavens and beneath my root to the core of the Earth. Energy from the dual opening cycles through my being. Thoughts are placed aside and given to the powers above and below. Feelings matter. Feelings are always safe and do not lie.

Then I apply a Taoist inner work (Nei Kung) that purifies the emotional vibrations of the five main organs and fuses the energy to empower my subtle body at the navel, which “digests” the patterns. I move the resulting energy through the body pathways (front, back, down and up, legs and arms, flowing through the central axis and side to side). Issues and imprints are dissolved into neutral and nourishing life force through the presence of the loving consciousness of quiet passion.

The details or practices, like Tibetan spinal energy meditation and Taoist Fusion practices, are not secret can be found online by searching for them. They are practices that weave higher consciousness with purifying energy states, and yet, they do not require overt discipline to come naturally every day.

The key attitude of quiet passion has shown my vulnerable self that it doesn’t have to feel pressured by “obligation” to undergo healing. As such, I find its presence pronounced in the expression of my quiet passion, the true power behind the methods, in my view.



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