Grounding: Bringing Your Soul In

Second of a 3-part series

Grounding through the lower chakras or energy centers brings our soul closer into our bodies. For grounding to be really effective, we need to consciously call ourselves in by name, coming down through the top of our head crown center (seventh Chakra), down through the sixth chakra, the third eye, the seat of clairvoyance, down through the fifth chakra, the communication center and into the back of our hearts, the home of our souls.

The clearer the pathway through these upper chakras for the soul to pass through to the heart, the more access to solutions we have for any problems we face. When we are fully present in our hearts and the grounding energy is flowing, we become the divining rod between Earth and Spirit in physical presence.

By calling ourselves in, we also place ownership on our physical, emotional and mental fields. We bring our authentic selves through to reign in our hearts. If, when we were growing up, we believed when our parents, teachers or clergy or other authority figures told us who to be, not seeing us in our authentic Selves, we gave up seeing ourselves in our own authenticity. We gave over our seniority to them and began to believe in our inauthenticity.

Our beliefs in those lies damaged our seventh chakra, our head crown centers. Experiencing pain, in and of itself, does not damage us. It slows our growth. What damages us is the pain that comes from believing in the lies. Deep down we know the truth of ourselves. At any moment in our lives we can give away our seniority to another person or groups of people who are eager to tell us what’s best for us without experiencing us for who we truly are and we allow it. Yet, every time we consciously call ourselves in by name to come down into our head crown centers and run the grounding energy up, we heal some of that damage. The more we do so the more we heal and the more we have our authentic Selves present to us.

Some people, because of this damage, only come in as far as the sixth chakra and then bounce out again. It’s too painful for them to be in their bodies. A tug and pull gets set up between the body and the soul. The soul won’t come in all the way; the body kicks the soul back out when it does want to come in and it runs the programs or dynamics that already exist in the physical field. Grounding provides a safe means to allow the soul to come all the way into the heart without an agenda. It takes practice and patience, yet the rewards are priceless.

There is such a lovely experience when the energy from the Earth actively comes up into the body, moving through the lower chakras like liquid honey or like liquid light, to meet and mingle with our soul light coming down, illuminating the upper chakras. This takes practice, yet there hasn’t been anyone who hasn’t experienced something of this from the first time they did it: a feeling of warmth, a tingling, and an acknowledgement of Self. We cannot fully embody what we want to create inwardly or outwardly — shifting out of our negative patterns or creating out in the world — unless we are present with ourselves.

So let’s take ourselves through a grounding practice: Breathe. Bring the Earth energy that belongs to each one of you by right of body up into your feet, your legs, knees, thighs and into the base of your spine. Then, being aware of your breath, call your soul in by your names to come down in through your head crown centers, down through your sixth chakra, bringing yourselves fully into your fifth chakra, being aware of your wisdom, your truth, and your grace, then bring yourselves into the back of your hearts, the home of your souls.

Spend a few quiet moments experiencing being the divining rod between Earth and Spirit. This becomes an optimal time to ask your soul for solutions to whatever problems you are currently facing. The trick is to stay present quietly waiting for your answers. They may come right away or it may take a few hours or days for them to come forward. They will come. There is a Universal Law that states: when we work with what we get, we’ll get more to work with. If you work with the answers you get, the more your soul will provide you the solutions you take the time and space to ask for.

At the end of the grounding practices, instead of jumping up and running off to do the myriad of things we all have to do, remain as you are for a moment more and ask yourselves: What does my body need? Follow that question by asking: What does my soul want? Please wait for the answers! These responses usually come in very quickly. The answers may vary widely between soul and body, because soul wants to go 2,000 miles an hour and our bodies want to go two miles per hour. That’s okay. If we do not give ourselves the space to receive our own answers, we effectively cut off communication from ourselves creating more of the tug and pull between our body and soul, creating disharmony we want to avoid.

To be present in ourselves and with others is the greatest gift we have to offer. It is a reciprocal enrichment for all who experience it. Our presence within ourselves is the true meaning of freedom. And we can get there by consciously practicing grounding.



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