Healing Spirit


As the morning dawn comes upon me, the light opens my heart to a new day. Prayers of plenitude for others awaken my spirit preparing me for the day. It is in these early morning hours that healing takes hold setting me forth for the daily journey that awaits.

Prayer is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give someone, without them even knowing it. Pray for the special people in your life, the ones you are thankful for, those who have made your heart sing with compassion. Pray for those who have passed before you as they need your prayers to reach the highest depths of the Light. But don’t stop there. Pray for those who are mean to you, even those people who hurt you, and continue to pray for them over and over again until it doesn’t hurt anymore. That allows you to heal to the depths of your soul. Let your prayers come forth in silence, meditating on each and every one.

Let the feeling of the light grow within you. Let it energize you for the day, filling you with gratitude for life, compassion for others and love that heals. Let your emotions charge your body into full flight. Let the light shine within you so that you can then let that light out into the world. Let that light shine so brightly that others can join in that vibration to raise prayers even higher into the light, for the light has no end. It stretches into eternity and shines for all to see.

Upon our journey we encounter many obstacles and paths that lead us in many different directions. Spirit nudges us with many messages. We need only be open to receiving them. Words gush forward in silence as Spirit flows like water to refresh the soul. Messages come flooding in teaching and preparing us as another journey unfolds. Flashes of life twinkle in the droplets that anoint our soul. I am humbled by its presence.

Give gratitude for the simple pleasures that surround you. Not passing by that which stands before you: Spirit in the light. For Spirit is with us all the days of our lives. It is an offering up to the light that fills you with gratitude, allows compassion to flow and sets love in your heart to beat throughout the day — and holds you at night until the early morning hours, awakening you with thoughts and feelings to evoke a love that Spirit sets forth in this world. It’s a love that Spirit can join in and raise to a higher vibration, and a love of life before you, for that which has past and that which is yet to come.

Thank you Lord for another day. While I did not yet accomplish all the tasks I am here to fulfill, I promise to carry on in Your name.

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Maria Lisa Polegatto
Maria Lisa Polegatto grew up and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she works full time. To rest and relax she loves to retreat into nature and spend time with animals enjoying the magic that surrounds us. Contact Maria Lisa at www.marialisapolegatto.com.


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