Self-Healing Tools for Life


I have employed self-healing tools for decades — for myself and my family — as we encountered life’s aches, pains, sniffles and queasiness. Homeopathic remedies, especially from Historical Remedies, a St. Paul company, provide sure and speedy comfort and recovery without side effects, for menstrual ails, upset stomachs and even nocturnal teeth-grinding, to name just a few.

Macrobiotic home remedies also have proven vital to me over the years: lotus root tea, for lung/nasal congestion; umeshoban tea, for upset stomachs and general imbalances; ginger compresses, for back or menstrual pain; and daikon baths for feminine issues. I have been ever so grateful for my studies in macrobiotics years ago, for the self-healing they have brought to me and mine.

In addition, Young Living Essential Oils, first introduced to me by Cherie Ross, have been a most helpful self-healing tool. With their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, these pure, distilled plant essences bring self-healing to every body system, and they have been essential accompaniments to every workplace I have entered — to avoid colds and flu, etc. I also have shared their benefits with many of my co-workers — because I believe in sharing tools for self-healing as much as I can.

Perhaps the most gratitude I feel for self-healing tools in my life goes to Reiki, the ultimate self-healing tool. I began learning Reiki in the ’80s, apprenticed to the Master level in the ’90s, and I continue to utilize Reiki daily on myself for self-healing and balancing on every level — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The peace, joy and well-being I have achieved for myself and others has been a wondrous blessing. I thank the Universal Life Force Energy.

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Rachel Miejan
Rachel Miejan is a Reiki Master. Her website is Feel free to contact her at [email protected].


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