Tree and Water Self-healing Mantra Practice

Each morning before I get out of bed, I use two helpful images each day to align my spirit, mind and body.

I focus on an image of water and an image of a tree.

My first mantra is, “Be like a tree,” when under stress, and in all times. Allow your roots to dig deeply into the Earth and ground you. Allow your branches and trunk to sway with the pressure of the wind. Know that your center is strong and holds you stable as you flexibly respond to the assault and pressure of the storm. In this way you will find peace and resilience, inner knowing, strength, security and flexibility so that you are not torn asunder and bereft.

My second mantra is, “Be like water,” when in danger or working with tender beings, or your own tender heart. Gently, with perseverance, flow, guide, assist and lightly wash away that which does not serve yourself or others. In this way you will find peace and resilience, inner guidance, clarity, strength, security, flexibility, and truth so that propaganda and ill-will cannot affect you.

After staying with these mantras, for 10 minutes, in my being, I get out of bed and practice yoga for several minutes. I hold a tree pose, bow pose and do six sun salutations to allow the physicality of tree and water to infuse my physical spiritual being.

Then I go out to my front yard and sit with the trees and water there, allowing myself to connect with the deep healing effects of being in nature.

If I am struggling with a specific issue in mind or body, I focus these images on that problem and see it transform.

In all things, patience, action attitude and intention matter. By allowing these centered activities on a daily basis, I have found a deep level of self-healing. It opens my being to a sense of joy in every moment and my heart feels more open.



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