What Can We Do When Embracing Healthful Change is So Very Difficult?

Often in my interactions with wellness coaching clients, counseling clients, students and readers of my book or blog, people admit to me that they feel that their emotional, physical and spiritual health is not good because they don’t make a serious effort to work at it. They often report that they honestly believe what I say — that they can make a choice to take true responsibility for their own health — but they sometimes report that they lack the drive to do so. They make resolutions but seem unable to keep them.

Even so, they often say that they absolutely believe that they — and most people — have the ability to take the proverbial “bull by the horns” and enjoy true health.

My response often goes something like this: Please know that I understand…such circumstances can be quite difficult, to say the least. That said, the brightest of splendid blessings can be of such beautiful benefit, in congruence with our loving and selfless effort.

Magical things are happening inside of us and all around us all of the time. We most often ignore them, or we are untrained to “witness” and take part in their splendor — in the genuinely healthful spirit of true appreciation of the miracle of the moment. Not succeeding in realizing healthful change is not weakness. It’s just that we don’t often embrace our true strength.

The lessons we learn are when we (seemingly) fail to make these so-called failures (to be) not necessarily failures — if we are willing to delve deeply into these lessons. They are lessons we need to learn. The key is to avoid getting permanently stuck on stagnant plateaus, which can eventually become like (and not in the spirit of sounding harsh) a living death.

Life can be lived in a loving and altruistic spirit of a “high art form.” It can be appreciated as such — and it may be so, if we are willing to embrace it as such: The greatest of blessings is that there is always room for improvement…greater and greater life skills…less and less blemished insight. We have all of the tools we need to accomplish this level of appreciation and success!

To reach a deep realization of this, we must learn to better embrace our comfort and discomfort equally. At best, this is in the selfless spirit of true honesty, promoting true happiness and true freedom — needing less and less to hide behind. It is the right thing for the right selfless sake. It may be a true responsibility — fulfilling our innate responsibility to make the world a better place, each and every day.

A staunch belief or faith that most of us have this ability is the key to unlock the door to splendid success…to greater and greater levels of mastery. True mastery is lovingly taking ownership of the notion that there is always room for greater and greater mastery/insight — and having a deep and abiding true appreciation of this truth, which is most difficult to explain in words. It is best witnessed and lived.

In discussions like this with clients, students, readers and friends, things can “click” better for them — and for me. It’s what we call “wow moments” — benevolent, sweet and innocent, sparkling and spine-tingling moments of objective insight. It can be playing a more loving part as a less-blemished witness. Oh boy! This just may be quite close to being the polar opposite of stagnation.



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