A Journey to Divine Consciousness


In the summer of 1994, while mowing the lawn at my family’s beach house, I suddenly became very hot and tired and broke out in huge welts.

I walked into the house, passed out on the couch and immediately saw myself entering a light-filled tunnel. As I swiftly moved through the tunnel, I began to see smaller tunnels that intersected the main tunnel, like on-ramps on a freeway. As each tunnel passed by me, I began to feel more and more positive feelings. After passing the sixth tunnel, I instantly found myself in a total dimensional reality (13D). It was a heavenly place.

There I was met by beautifully colored beings that were incredibly bright and vibrant. Not a word was spoken to me, yet all was known. My greatest sense of awareness was how I made these beings feel. All that mattered to me was getting a positive feeling in return. There was no separation between us. Everyone looked after everyone’s concerns and interests. It felt safe, serene, fulfilling, joyous and loving.

As I was observing this heaven-like reality, a God-like being came and looked me in the eyes. A light transmission of knowledge, which was libraries of information and Knowing, was beamed directly into my third eye. I understood it all within seconds. I was given much information, including the dates and capacity to bring in the new paradigms leading up to the 2012 shift.

Within minutes, the same force that had brought me there, took me back to the tunnel, and away to Earth I went. This time six tunnels exited off the main tunnel and I had a knowing that each one represented two dimensions of reality, just like the first six chakras. The seventh chakra represented 13D where the Alpha 0-1 through Omega 0-13 plugs into the top of our head and gives us life.

As I returned home, the God Being told me that the reason we were put on Earth, with a human condition of 2D, was to learn to trust in the living God that beats our hearts. The only way to get the other 11 dimensions to manifest into our reality is to trust in our inner Holiness.

When our feelings are filled with worry, anxiety, fear, criticalness, cynicism and doubt, we demonstrate that we do not trust our inner Holiness. In 2D consciousness, we stumble around on our own with feelings of pain and hurt without understanding and Knowing. When we trust in our inner Holiness, we achieve a 13D reality of consciousness — heaven on Earth.

Life is full and whole everywhere and always. However, our perception of life is dependent on our level of consciousness. The higher the level of consciousness, the more in the “now” our perception will be and the more positive our feelings. The lower the consciousness, the more in the “past and future” our perception will be and the more negative our feelings.

As I regained consciousness, I got up off of the couch and have never felt the same ever since. My life now had a Divine purpose.

Within two days, I began connecting with the inner holiness of people around me. This evolved into Holy Divine Healing and began a nine-year process to bring through a code book from the Order of Trons (the cosmic scientists of the Oni-verse). This book consisted of templates, in accordance with the Plan of Grand Design, that encompassed 57 dimensions and their seven star systems.

Shortly thereafter, while adjusting patient’s leg lengths as a chiropractor, equations started coming through me on how these star systems needed to be rearranged in order to prepare earth and humanity for the great ascension. These equations would allow for a new time-space coordinate system to develop on Earth so humanity could receive the Equation of Life from the nine clusters of the Holy O, which would fuel each person’s individual path of ascension.

My work now supports our transition into the Golden Age. I am grateful to have been given a gift to help the people on this Earth. I only want to glorify God, serve humanity, and experience eternal substance — “good feelings.”

Dr. Dan Mathews, a chiropractor and spiritual healer from Little Rock, Arkansas, will return to the Twin Cities May 3-8 to present a talk and Group Healing Event to introduce Holy Divine Healing to the community. Tickets are available at www.theconnectingspirit.com/Offerings.html

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Dr. Dan Mathews
Dr. Dan Mathews is a Chiropractor and Spiritual Healer from Little Rock, Arkansas. He emerged from a near-death experience with knowledge of how to connect people with their "indwelling God Presence." Since that time he has remained consciously in communication with the Beings of Light that he encountered during the "death" experience. He continues to receive updates of how to better serve people, the Earth and humanity. And he generously shares it with everyone he meets. He is completely devoted to his path of uplifting humanity and the planet with his gift. Visit Holydivinehealing.com.


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