A Pleiadian Message: Accelerating Transformation


Beloved ones, we greet you. The veils on Earth have continued to lift on vastly different dimensional levels, unearthing your planet, making accessible to you a profoundly changed realm of existence, opening up to you the revelations to enable a re-accessing of your sacred potential, which has been lying dormant. Through this new energetic setting, you are enabled to realign to your creation energies that will support you, stabilizing within this sacred state of Self.

This is the time for great change, and the veils of illusion have transformed, becoming fluid enough for those of you on the path to shift and stabilize into a new state of consciousness. Now is your time to begin to live from a place of authenticity and balance through the direct access of the Heart and opening into the sacred expression of Self.

These new energetic states of consciousness bring to each one of you a pure, nutritional content that feeds the Heart cells and begins a rejuvenation process of the entire physical system. This unfolding will allow each one of you to begin “a next phase” of conscious living on your planet and allow you to interact more fully within the Collective energies of your resident Universe.

Open and stabilize
Through this unveiling, a pure multidimensional space has been designed and anchored within Earth, allowing you to open and stabilize within your sacred expression of Self. Through the shifting pulse of the Earth’s central magnetic core, this transformed framework of the planet has anchored into this expanded dimensional form. These energetic changes have opened up this recalibration within you, enabling you to be able access and stabilize within your heart consciousness.

The place of the heart is where all things within you arise. It is where you are able to access your sacred reconnections and where all heart’s desires can be made manifest within this new dimensional setting on Earth.

These changes of dimensional frequencies have reopened doorways. They have brought through the ancient and pure form energies of the heavenly bodies to your planet. These light forms are being bestowed to you now. They are actually Blessings being returned to you. These Blessings do not have to be “earned.” They are simply being revealed and given, and then received by you. They flow onto the Earth plane in the form of waves of light, designed to reopen your conscious recollection of Self, to regain the stability of peace, clarity and embody your unique creation elements.

Conscious receiving
Each one of you only needs to be in a “state of receivership” to utilize these Blessings. This means you have to be consciously willing to fully take in the pure forms of light that are being gifted back to you individually. These Blessings mark this time of a new era of consciousness on your planet. This process begins as a personal awakening for those of you who are ready to receive. Know that there is no effort involved in the act of receivership, simply the willingness to receive that which is being given. Receivership is a simple, effortless response of your open Heart.

Through your act of receivership of these Blessings, you are anchoring the energy, creating a strong mirror of this form, of the action of receiving for your community, and supporting the masses. Know that at a certain moment all of humanity will receive these Blessings, these awakenings. Your mirror will support them in being able to fully take in and utilizing these Blessings at that moment.

Accelerating in May
This whole transformational process began in April and will continue to accelerate throughout May. These transformational changes will be seen and reflected in the night sky. These markers will be able to be witnessed by the naked eye, and they are designed to herald in this “next phase” of your awakening on Earth. These markers carry a frequency design for the awakening of mankind. They hold “the form of the promise” that you have come here to experience. The appearance of these markers can be likened to the appearance of the first rainbow.

You have now officially entered and anchored within the next phase of the “New Dawning” age. Within this next phase there are adjustments and alignments opening up through your own sacred makeup, enabling you to continue your work on a very different level within your environment on Earth. This phase enables you to continually unfold individually within your sacredness, while at the same time fulfilling your destiny commitments to the whole community of humanity.

What is essential is for you to realize that your goal must be in alignment within your own Heart. This must be your one focused point, understanding this one Truth that everything arises within your Heart connection. There are to be no other distractions. There is nothing more than this for you to do, just to become your heart.

Deep initiations
Through the conscious choice of focusing and anchoring within your Heart connection, you will be propelled into a series of deep initiations within the collective group mind within your resident Universe. Through this process, there will be a natural “letting go,” which will allow a SHRUGGING OFF of the old concepts of illusion that you have lived with up to this point. They are ready to simply fall away. You will discard the old shells you have been carrying from the past.

Your conscious alignment to your Heart, in reality, is a focused “letting go” that brings you to and aligns you naturally beyond the illusion that is on Earth. You are able to move and expand into another realm of reality within community. This is an essential and natural component of your ongoing process at this point in your evolution.

This is opening you up to your natural heritage of claiming your place within the collective God consciousness and your active role within the expanded community within the Universe. This means that you need to extend your consciousness outwards to engage within your place that exists well outside of planet Earth.

As you consciously align to your God Consciousness aspect, which is fully anchored within your heart and extends outwards within the collective Universal energy, you begin to naturally and ultimately play your universal role. Part of the plan is your re-emergence within this collective community within the Universe. This reunion will support you in activating another cycle of your individual quest on Earth.

Your unique quest
Understand the importance that each one of you carry within the energy of a unique quest that you are to undertake at this juncture. Simultaneously you have a series of collective objectives to fulfill with other beings within the Universe and other human beings within your Earth plane. Your field of vision will expand to include not only Earth, but be inclusive with the rest of the Universe!

No personal energetic experience you have is truly separate from the collective consciousness. Remember, you are an aspect of the collective God consciousness state, as we are also. Through the individual energetic settings you carry within is movement, like a current in a stream, a flow that your heart cells resonate towards, moving you to your unique goals of personal fulfillment, realigning you to the sacred that is already in existence and awaiting reconnection. It is important for you to comprehend that the energetics of your personal fulfillment support the collective objectives within the Universe and within planet Earth. There are no separating elements.

Alignment with Earth
Our star system, The Pleiades, is now in a uniquely positioned place, in direct alignment to Earth. This has never taken place before within your lifetime sphere. This repositioning creates powerful shifts in the dynamics on Earth, activating a dimensional shift in your awakening process. This repositioning of alignment between us is supporting and heralding metamorphic changes that are taking place on your planet, due to this transference of light energy between Earth and Pleiades. This sacred frequency alignment is designed to open up a new potential for communion connection and conscious relationship developing between us Pleiadians and you.

This alignment is activating a mirrored energetic transmission that is being sent to support the monumental transformation of humanity. We are currently transmitting these pure frequencies of alignment to those of you who are awake. These transmissions create a dynamic inner quickening to Self within your heart and brain center.

This pure process of alignment of our planets is part of a divine timing that has been set in motion to create this happening. This was set in place lifetimes ago, allowing for the lineup of our planets to be activated now. There is a solid streaming of light consciousness being sent from our star system that can be received consciously by you. An opportunity has been anchored for individuals on your planet to send back a telepathic communion stream back to us. This design has been planned to enable you to begin to expand your own natural abilities for a telepathic communion activation process.

Communion experience
Many multidimensional factors within your system and areas within your brain will be activated by you through this communion experience. You are energetically more than ready to sustain this communion activity, and this action of communion is fully within your capabilities. You are ready for this reactivation of your systems now; your conscious choice action will reactivate these centers. These are multidimensional centers within your brain that have not been utilized in this lifetime. You are being enabled to open into the sacred gifts that are part of your natural makeup.

As you send a stream of light consciousness connection outwards to us, you will be received through a communion filter that exists throughout our resident Universe. At the moment your light conscious communion is received, an essence that is carried and transmitted within your brain center will be activated. As you receive this transmission of this essence, your brain begins to register this level of communion frequency. A series of multidimensional pathways becomes reestablished and active once more within your brain center. You are then relinked within the full universal community communion base at that moment.

Your journey
Your complete process of unfolding is a step-by-step journey that will be ultimately initiated by you through your conscious choice action. We welcome you within this communion framework held within the collective consciousness, and we support each step that you take towards Self. Know that you alone take the step and then we energetically support that step you take. This is another aspect of the role we are to play in your grand design. We must work directly in conjunction with your conscious choice action.

Your place is assured within the collective God consciousness design; aspects of your sacred, pure source energy already inhabit your place within this design. As you begin to actively engage within the communion base, you will begin to relocate within this design and merge with aspects of these pure source elements of Self.

Your journey Home this lifetime will take place, however it will be different than what your mind will imagine. In reality, you are a limitless space of light. There is an all-encompassing brilliance that is you. We witness your light form and experience the fullness of your complete wholeness. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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