Expanding Consciousness and Trump


Why expand our consciousness when most of us, it seems, are disinterested, like robots roaming about this Earth unaware of the extent unconscious programming drives us in our lives? Of course, knowing this should make us want to commit to realizing a greater consciousness.

It is no accident who shows up in our life. We are creators of our reality, after all, be it consciously or unconsciously. And now in the alarming chaos and drama of our new administration, we have a great reflecting mirror in President Trump. Take a good, long, hard look. Which of Trump’s extreme, negative qualities might be active or residual in us. Pick one, maybe two, how about three? There are many to choose from.

The old, fear-based ways and the patriarchal dominance of the last few thousand years are rapidly disappearing and disintegrating. But Trump is a reactionary reminder that there still is work to be done — deep inner work and cleansing — before we can really fully lean into the experience of creating a heaven on Earth, our natural birthright.

More than any time in human history, it is now vital that we expand our consciousness. The past is not just the past, as it is trendy in some circles to say. It is here today in play and we need to be present with it. God wants us not to be perfect, but to be present.

Greater consciousness requires that we take responsibility for the reality of our present fear-based, ego-driven leadership. So how do we do that?

Someone said “This is the year we get to use all the tools in our spiritual tool bag.” It feels true. Of the many wonderfully powerful tools I have used over the decades, I will focus on just one for this article. Ten years ago I was introduced to the Hawaiian practice/prayer/mantra of modern-day Ho’oponopono. I was immediately struck by its simplicity, beauty and heart-based power. It consists of four phrases: “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” It is the Divine we address and communicate to in this prayer. By doing so, our intent is not to change the problem or issue that has triggered our awareness. Our purpose is simply to cleanse and heal ourselves of memories, beliefs, energy blocks and negative patterns from this life and past lives, trusting the Divine to act accordingly.

The great Ho’oponopono teacher Dr. Hew Len once healed or helped to heal an entire ward of criminally insane patients at the Hawaii State Hospital. He never saw his patients. Instead he sat in his office reviewing their files. When he looked at their records and was feeling judgment, anger and resentment, he kept repeating over and over again “I am sorry” and “I love you.”

Instead of working on them, he worked on healing himself, and as he healed himself the patients began to heal. Patients who had been shackled were walking freely. Once heavily medicated patients were off their medications. And the ones who were never going to be released, were being freed. More details of this miracle story and more highly invaluable information about Ho’oponopono can be found in the book At Zero, by Joe Vitale.

When Joe Vitale asked Dr. Hew Len how he changed these people (both patients and staff), Dr. Len said, “I was simply healing the part of me that created them.”

I think it is time to start healing the part of me that has created President Trump. How about you? Ho’oponopono anyone?

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Astrid Bergie
Astrid Bergie is a mystic, poet, metaphysician and writer. Contact her at [email protected].


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