Expanding Our Consciousness: We Become the Hero of Our Own Story


Do you remember playing super hero as a child? Perhaps you may remember wearing a cape as you pretended to fly? I enjoyed playing a super hero as a child, as I activated my super powers. As an adult I realized that it is true: we do have the power to engage the strength that is already within us. We have our light already inside of us that only needs to be nurtured to shine brightly. We have the power of expanding our consciousness.

Conscious expansion is vital for our soul to live the life we fully deserve. It is important to expand our consciousness as a resource so we can feel fully alive. Some people may be afraid of expansion, because it challenges their thoughts and beliefs regarding what they already value. Expansion requires courage to look deeply outside of consciousness, because there may be hidden and painful memories that require healing. I can assure you that the effort is completely rewarding. There is nothing more painful than staying in locked trauma and suffering. I believe that our life journey is to find what makes us happy so we can continue to grow.

I survived a near-death experience and learned many life lessons. We are more than we can possibly imagine. We are expansive and have a deep connection with the Universe. We are an entire sum of everything around us. Also, we are worthy of beauty, love and light. Here are some techniques that I have found helpful for expanding consciousness.

  • Resource Light: Restore energy by gazing at the sunlight. Allow light to permeate into your body. Look up and around as you search for light that is streaming in your surroundings. It doesn’t matter if you are in a room or outside. As you study the sunlight, do you notice if it is vibrating or standing still? How bright is it and how does it make you feel? Connect with it as much as possible, because you were created with the same essence in mind.
  • Joy of a Child: Look at the world with the joy and curiosity of a child. Children’s minds are opened to many possibilities within imagination. They don’t define things as we do as adults, therefore they do not label things. Negative thoughts will lock down our energy and may shut down our nervous system. A child’s joy is beautiful because they are still developing their senses in relation to their surroundings. Try not to define anything for a while and find joy in the smallest things.
  • Make a Connection: We are an extension of others. Try to put yourself into the mind of another individual for a few minutes. What is their point of view on a given situation? What is the expression on their face? What are your feelings as you observe that person? How can you relate to them? How can you help them? There are many people who have suffered, and we have the power to destroy or create. We can grow into an expression of oneness and stillness.

If we use the flow of life in a positive way, by simply relaxing and accepting ourselves — even with all that has happened to us — we grow.

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