Expanding Our Consciousness


We live in a constant state of change. Many people come to spirituality when they are looking for answers, reasons or clarity when dealing with the changes they see in the world outside of themselves. Expanding your consciousness will help you, among other things, understand uninvited occurrences in life. This level of understanding will challenge you to see the deeper meaning behind what may be perceived as a negative, painful or unjust act or situation.

Some people are not interested in raising consciousness — for many reasons. They may be happy with their current life, they don’t care to know more and are willing to accept the mentality of “that’s just the way life is.” They may just simply feel they do not need a different understanding.

Many aspects of our world are dominated by greed, selfishness, lack and the idea of getting more for self. It can be very difficult to shift away from this mentality, because it has become socially acceptable to live our lives in this way. It takes work to reevaluate your mindset. The work is thinking and analyzing thoughts, behaviors and actions. It is natural and easy for most people to view life from a “what’s in it for me” mentality.

Those of us who are expanding our consciousness have realized a very powerful concept. We know that when we adopt a type of thinking that benefits ourselves as well as others, the result is compounding in a positive way. A good first step into expanding your consciousness is to think about your intention when making any decision. Ask yourself why you are doing it, what feeling does it bring and what need does it meet. Also ask yourself how the decision will impact people around you. Will there be a negative consequence to anyone else? Is the decision fair to the people around you?

Dig deeper…are you really being honest with yourself about the motives behind the decision. Dig even further. Do you really need and want all that is involved in this decision? This is a difficult task for most people. It’s easier to just act without thinking.

Expanding your consciousness is difficult at first, but the more you do it, the easier it becomes. You learn more about yourself and others. You learn to understand why the world works the way it does. You gain clarity on why you are here and what your purpose in life is. You learn that the more you honor yourself and others at the same time, you make the world a better place. You find new ways to overcome personal challenges. These changes may seem insignificant at first, but eventually you see the bigger picture.

One of the best gifts of expanding your consciousness is the ability to feel empathy and compassion for others. This happens because you have done enough of your own self-growth to realize that we are all on different paths and at different places in life. Expanding your consciousness allows you to receive more abundance in your own life. Abundance can be described as any thought, feeling, action or event that benefits you in a positive way. Many people describe this as simply being “happy.”

There is no direct path to expanding your consciousness. It is an unfolding experience that is unique to each individual. Personally, I think the best way to do it is to talk to other people and listen to what makes them happy. I also like to read many different philosophies and gain many different perspectives on spiritual beliefs from a non-judgmental standpoint. This allows me to listen to my intuition and choose the beliefs that work the best for me. There is no one right answer, only the path that works for you.


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