Expanding Your Consciousness with Cosmic Contemplation


When we talk about expanding consciousness, we are often speaking metaphorically about getting a new perspective on life. We all know that silent meditation is often suggested as a tool to achieve this. But sometimes it can be really difficult to get the mind to settle down and just be silent.

That is why I have developed a technique I call “Cosmic Contemplations.” It is a kind of experiential visualization, where you imagine things that are literally true and scientifically understood, but normally outside of our everyday experience.

So let us take expanding consciousness literally. Going outward from your body, farther and farther until you can take in the whole universe. Close you eyes. Imagine you are expanding your vision until you take in the room you are in, gradually moving outwards until you can take in your whole house, then your yard. Keep going to take in your neighborhood. Zoom out until you see your state, then the entire United States, and then North America.

Then take the leap and see the entire planet Earth. Feel you are surfing space on this giant sphere. The big blue marble floating in space, the oceans held in place by gravity. Keep expanding to take in Venus, Mercury and Mars our nearest cousins. Zoom out further so you cannot just see but feel that you are taking in the sun and our whole solar system. These planets are not just mental concepts — you can zoom in on Jupiter and see the currents of color and the big red spot. See Saturn and its rings of ice and rock and its many moons. Go past the deep blue of Neptune and Uranus, past Pluto. You are always floating in this solar system. Feel that you are floating in outer space, you always are, you are just not aware of it.

Our sun is just one of hundreds of thousands in our galaxy. Zoom way out and see our spiral galaxy, the Milky Way, floating majestically in place. Billions of planets are spinning around many of the stars all around us, many undoubtedly teeming with life. Look at all the galaxies floating near us, each one made up of hundreds and thousands of stars. Scientists are not even sure if there are more grains of sand on this planet or stars in the Universe. Can you imagine that many stars?

Google “Laneakea” and see the latest model of the shape all our nearby galaxies take and our place in the neighborhood of the Universe (see top photo). Feel you are at home in this universe of galaxies. In your aura are quasars and black holes, nebulae and neutron stars. Take in everything that is in our Universe, all held in place by Universal Love.

You are this Universe, you are at home. So often we are focused on what we see with our outer eyes, our little world with all our fears and anxieties. After this cosmic contemplation, you see the big picture. You are cosmic consciousness. Put your everyday concerns in perspective. Expand your consciousness in this way occasionally and don’t worry if you blow your mind. You just might find that it makes room for the Universal Mind to have a place to settle inside of you. If your consciousness can enfold the entire Universe, then you are the Mind of the Universe.

Now brush your teeth.

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Warren King
Warren King, a healer and author, always tries to get to the root cause of problems. He has seen over 10,000 patients over the last 25 years. He has many tools, such as Auricular Medicine, herbs, homeopathy, diet, nutritional products, Oriental Medicine and acupuncture and QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy), for emotional trauma. He is the author of Love Your Organs, Love Yourself, and the new novel The Soul’s Journey. Check out Warrenking.com and learn about the new Warren King Healing Community.


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