Grounding & the Auric Field

Last of a 3-part series

Our auric field connects into our seventh chakra. This connection is the crown of our head centers. The auric field spreads itself from its head crown to fall all around us: front, back and side to side. Ideally, the auric field drops from our head crown centers to below our feet.

From the moment of birth, our bodies are surrounded with the seven bands of energy that make up the auric field. When we ground, by bringing up the Earth energy into our feet, all the way up into the base of our spine and then down through the top of our head crown centers, we infuse our auric fields with our soul energy and vitality.

Our auric fields are expandable. We can expand our fields until we merge with everything and everyone around us. If we are consciously doing this expanding, we are able to experience our oneness with everything that exists. If we are not conscious of what we are doing, it becomes merging. Merging causes confusion. We don’t know where we begin and end and where other people begin and end. This type of expansion or merging is what often passes for intimacy in our culture. It is not. There are no boundaries in this type of merging and no sense of Self.

We can also pull in our auric field very narrowly. This pulling in of our auric field is generally a protective response, but it doesn’t work, because when we reduce our field we are easily knocked off our base, off our grounding. Cultures differ as to personal space. In the United States, when we are feeling good, we usually extend our auric fields 6 to 8 inches out from our physical bodies. With any more space than that, we lose our sense of Self; any less, we get irritated that someone has invaded our space, unless we’ve chosen to wrap ourselves closely for protection and have withdrawn our grounding from the Earth.

The Grounding Exercise helps keep us balanced in our auric fields and in our bodies. Breathe fully, letting all of the air out on an exhale, bringing up the grounding energy from the Earth that belongs to each one of us. Bring it up into our feet, up through our legs, knees, thighs and into the base of the spine. Let it mingle with the energy already present from the day, and then call yourself in by name and bring yourself down through the top of your head crown center, down through your sixth chakra, bringing yourself fully through your throat, being aware of your wisdom, your truth and your grace. Then bring your soul down into the back of your heart, the home of your soul. Spend a moment being the rod between Earth and Spirit.

Keep in mind that, ideally, our fields are supposed to fall below our feet. Most of our auric fields fall somewhere between our knees and our calves. When we are upset or have a shock, we pull our auric fields up rather than down, pulling out of our grounding instead of doubling down on the grounding.

When you continually practice this Grounding Exercise, an interesting thing begins to happen: bodies automatically begin to ground themselves, no matter what is happening in or around you, and the auric field actually stays approximately where it is (in some cases it falls deeper toward the feet.) Simultaneously, the soul stays connected to the back of the heart, facilitating calm. And the beauty of it is that we can do this Grounding Exercise anywhere at any time.

Our auric fields are the first contact others have of us in our daily interactions. We can sense or feel another person’s mental and emotional state, just as they can sense or feel ours. When we do not want to feel our own emotions, or worried thoughts, we instinctively push our unwanted content out into the emotional and/or mental bands of our auric fields. Because we are not feeling those unwanted emotions or thoughts or because we’re not in the moment, we think they’re gone. They’re not. They are in our fields where others pick up on them.

Someone might say, “You seem…(take your pick) out of sorts, angry, not feeling well, down in the mouth today. Are you OK?” We generally reply, “Not at all, I am feeling fine!” You might even be a bit bewildered that someone would say that to you.

Of course you feel fine, because those emotions and/or thoughts are hanging out in your field. You aren’t feeling them, but others are sensing the emotion lingering there. We may think we are islands. We are not. We constantly communicate with everyone around us, and everyone communicates with us.

Bringing ourselves into a grounded body allows us to own our space, have ownership of ourselves, take responsibility for what we feel and think, and access solutions to problems we face. (Souls love to solve problems and love to create!) Through this work, we can be intradependent — knowing who we are and what we can do, working with others in ownership.



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